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Dear, all MAAN platform members. Hope all doing great. Very astonishing discussion was conducted with ISD (Mekelle branch) together with the agricultural sector experts of Ayinalem kebelle, and the RSP, on July 10,2017. As a result, * The ISD personnel appreciated on what is being done by the NMA mini-project at Dagiya rural village; because, she visited to the village many times and saw about the irrigation based production undergone by the beneficiary mothers; additionally, she witnessed about the behavioral change the mothers developed to consumption of diversified foods; thus, assuring all these positive changes, the ISD Personnel promised that her office will include that rural village to their next budget year (December 2017) implementation; and they will include additional beneficiaries planing to give: # 10-13 chickens with their food for up to 20 individuals being 8-10 persons in group # seedlings of perennial trees # Vocational training # Hive of bees per 8-10 persons/group *Finally, the ISD personnel marked that the sustainability of the current mini-project must be the responsibility of all the network (RSP, health, agriculture, ISD (Mekelle), and other administration bodies). * And goodly, all the participant experts were exited with the promising points of networking for the sustainability of the mini-project; and thus, they vowed heartily that they will take utmost responsibility and actions on ensuring the further extension and sustainability of the mini-project into larger number of beneficiaries and area. Thank you Be together, get stronger!

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