Welcome to the Mountain Agro-ecosystem Action Network (MAAN)

What is MAAN?

It is a network of Rural Service Providers and others interested in nutrition in mountain areas. This platform supports MAAN members to get to know each other, share experiences and information, ask questions and generally support each other to improve the nutrition situation in their respective countries, regions and around the world.

Who can join?

The MAAN network is open to anyone with an interest in nutrition in mountain agro-ecosystems. If you are one of those people and would like to be a MAAN member, simply click here to join.

We welcome you as a MAAN member, and encourage you to join, fill out your network profile, and start a conversation!

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Random Members

  • क्यान्सरको रोकथाममा स्वस्थ खानाको महत्व
  • फाइबरको महत्व
    वनस्पती स्रोतबाट प्राप्त हुने रेसायुक्त पदार्थलाई फाइबर भनिन्छ । अन्नको पुरै भाग (मकै, गहुँ, जौ, फापर, कोदो), गेडागुडी (चना, केराउ, मस्याङ), सागपात,…
  • World Mountain Forum 2018_Kyrgyzstan 23-26 Oct
    ग्रामीण सेवा प्रदायक साथीहरू,  किर्गिज सरकारले २३ देखि २६ अक्टाेवर २०१८ मा विश्केक,…
  • Helvetas Highlights #6: Powerful solutions to food and nutrition security
    FAO's finding about food loss and waste, which mentions that almost one-third of all food produced in the world is lost or wasted, undeniably highlights the need of effective post-harvest management. With reasonable investments, this loss can be profoundly minimized, thereby enhancing food and nutrition security. In this context, Helvetas facilitated the workshop in 2017 which focused on Sub Saharan Africa, a region facing the greatest food security and post-harvest management challenges.…
  • खतराको घण्टी, नेपाली युवालाई भिटामिन डीको कमी
  • MAAN promotional material
    Dear Colleagues,  Here's the promotional material of MAAN internet platform (proposed). Actually, it's thought to be developed as a postcard.   Your insights are welcome if there are any. Chetana Malla Shahi; Ishwor Malla, samjhana shah; Prakash Budthapa, Dabal Kumai, Ghanashyam Nagarkoti; Jay Shrestha, hari bahadur shahi, tirthaacharya, Dalshing kumal, Hansh Neupane, Maharup Khatri , Harikala Thapa, sunita chand, Sumitra Thapa Magar, bishnu sharma, chakra kc, Krishna Bahadur Shrestha,…
  • World Mountain Forum 2018, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan 23-26 October
    WMF2018_announcement-1st.pdf World-Mountain-Forum_Announcement_RUS (1).pdf And submit contributions before July 29, 2018  https://mailchi.mp/7a1e2e87c0ec/world-mountain-forum-2018-call-for-contributions-registration?e=66b146e754HERE https://mailchi.mp/7a1e2e87c0ec/world-mountain-forum-2018-call-for-contributions-registration?e=66b146e754