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The Mountain Agro-ecosystem Action Network (MAAN) is a stakeholder platform for sharing relevant information and experiences on how to improve the nutritional status of people in mountain regions. We invite you to scroll through the information at the global and country level and actively engage in discussions to share your thoughts and experiences. For the latter, you must join the network by registering here. If you have any questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or consult our Helpdesk.

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Here you find different kind of relevant information about nutrition sensitive agriculture and a global space to interact with others as part of on-going discussions.

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    Del 25 al 27 de abril en Huanta, Ayacucho, Perú, se realizó el  1er  Taller presencial del CDP-Centro, dirigido a 25 Proveedores de Servicios Rurales de las regiones de Huancavelica, Junin y Ayacucho. Los temas desarrollados fueron:  i) Agroecologia y Nutricion, (ii) Metodologías de capacitación, facilitación  (iii) Elaboración de la Linea Base (recordatorio de las 24 horas, Grupo focal y Análisis de mercado (iv) Elaboración de las Micro Intervenciones y (v) Plataforma MAAN, entre otros.…
  • ToToT 2019 / Обучение Команд Тренеров
    Для продвижения вопросов питания и сельского хозяйства чувствительного питания, мы провели конкурс на отбор тренеров и их команд. Наша цель - обучить и повысить их потенциал для предоставления услуг в сфере продвижения сельского хозяйства, чувствительного к питанию, и эти тренеры в будущем будут применять полученные знания и навыки в своей работе и распространять среди своих целевых групп. По итогам конкурса отобрано 4 команд из Кыргызстана,…
  • कृष्ण पौडेलको खाद्यका लागि कृषि अभियान पुग्यो जाजरकोटमा
    जाजरकोट कर्णाली पदेश सरकारका कृषि सल्लाहाकार कृष्णप्रसाद पौडेलले अर्गानिक कृषि विकासका लागि उत्पादन सहितको उपभोगमा जोड दिनुपर्ने बताएका छन् । भेरी नगरपालिका–१ कालेगाउँमा रहेको शिव माध्यामिक विद्यालय (टेक्स कार्यक्रम) मा मंगलबार गरिएको एक कार्यक्रममा पौडेलले यस्तो बताएका हुन् । खाद्यका लागि कृषि अभियानका अगुवा अभियान्ता समेत रहेका पौडेलले नेपालको उत्पादनशिल जनशक्ति दैनिक १५ सयका दरले विदेश जाने गरेको बताए । नेपालको उत्पादनशिल सम्मपरेको जमिन सबै घर–घडेरीमा बिक्री हुदै गएको भन्दै पौडेलले चिन्ता…
  • PAK | Situation of Malnutrition
    Pakistan, with an area of 800,000 square kilometers with an population 180 million people is the most densely populated NMA focus country. The poverty ration is 21% and it ranks 146th on Human Development index. Agriculture as a key sector of the national economy (one fifth of the net GDP), has been experiencing stagnation. In all provinces the emphasis is given on cash crop, which have higher income gains than kitchen farming.…
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    About the MAAN App You can connect now to MAAN from Android and iOS. The app uses a simplified interface to give you access to the content inside the MAAN. ,With the app you can browse all content, participate in discussions and stay in touch with your network! 03_Login.png06_Home Screen_6(a) 2.png06_Home Screen_6(c) 2.png Video Tour   Download Now available on Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.maan and Apple App Store https://itunes.apple.…