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1. What is MAAN?

‘MAAN’ stands for ‘Mountain Agro-ecosystem Action Network’, a network that promotes interaction among actors aiming to improve the nutrition status of communities in mountain regions.

2. Who can use MAAN?

In the first instance, MAAN is a network for Rural Service Providers and other stakeholders, such as policy-makers, who are working on improving nutrition in mountain regions. But, of course, anyone is welcome to join MAAN interested in this endeavor.

3. What does MAAN offer?

MAAN offers nutrition-relevant information for mountain contexts and opportunities to interact at both a global level (in English) and on national levels (in country languages).

4. How is MAAN structured?

MAAN has two spaces where information is shared and actors can interact: (a) in the global space, and (b) in individual country spaces.

5. What languages are used in MAAN?

The global space uses English as the main language; country spaces rely on those languages that are most commonly used locally. With the aid of Google Translate, located at the end of each MAAN page, users choose which language they would like to translate content to.

6. Where can I find specific nutrition-relevant information?

In the global space, in the ‘Knowledge Bank’, you will find several meaningful texts and documents with explanations. In the country spaces, you will find documents in each ‘Country Library’.

7. How can I interact with others and share information?

MAAN offers the option of conducting ‘online discussions’, where users can either start a new discussion by defining a new topic or can participate in ‘on-going discussions’. Also, documents can be uploaded in both the global and country space, so that they are either integrated into the Country Libraries or the Knowledge Bank.

8. Do I need to register to use MAAN?

No registration is needed to access information at the global and country level. However, you have to register if you like to share information, by uploading documents or participating in discussions.

9. How can I register to MAAN?

Anyone with an interest in the topic is free to register via our registration form

10. Who stands behind MAAN?

The network is facilitated by IFOAM Organics International and partners in the Nutrition in Mountain Agro-ecosystems (NMA) Project. As the various networks grow, the number of individuals and supporting institutions involved will increase.

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