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  • Re-building our Relationship with Land
    image2019-8-5 15:33:4.pngimage2019-8-5 15:31:37.pngimage2019-8-5 15:33:47.png   This is the story of a garden-farm on an unlikely land. Kiran and her family took the initiative to turn their piece of land on a hill-side into a beautiful garden. This garden grows on soil which is quite rocky and required tremendous amounts of effort, energy and investments into tilling this land. However,…
  • Capacity Development Program for RSP
    1st Face to Face Capacity Development Program for RSP (25 July to 29 July 2019) Day 1- Introduction.JPG Day 1- Calulating DDS.JPGDay 2- Fiel Visit Dugoura.JPGDay 2- Field Visit VPKAS.JPGDay 3- Games on communication.JPGDay 3- Group Activity.JPGDay 3- Group Photo.JPGDay 3- Reflection on last 2 days.JPGDay 3- Story of Diya.JPGDay 4 - Games on communication.JPGDay 4 - Games.JPGDay 4 - Group Activity.JPGDay 4- Selecting Micro-Interventions.JPGDay 5 - Games on communication.JPGDay 5 - Games.…
  • MAAN Video Tour
    MAAN Website Tour We invite you to take tour of our network by watching our video.       MAAN App Tour You can also access our network through an app. This video guides you through it.    
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