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  • Dalmoti village regaining faith on Agriculture
    The time when rural community losing its interest in agriculture in hilly areas due to animal menace and scattered small land holdings, Mr Gopal Singh Adhikari popularly known as Gopal Da successfully mobilized the community to rejuvenate the farm land and make it income generating. Initially he himself started growing vegetables instead of wheat and paddy. During rainy season he started growing surplus produce to sell it in the market.…
  • Introductory course on Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture, 24-26 March 2020
    Nutrition-sensitive agriculture (NSA)  is an approach that seeks to maximize agriculture’s contribution to nutrition. This strategy stresses the multiple benefits derived from enjoying a variety of foods, recognizing the nutritional value of food for good nutrition, health and productivity, and the social significance of the food and agricultural sector for supporting rural livelihoods. Nutrition-sensitive agriculture also entails targeting poor households, promoting gender equity,…
  • Menace of Waste
    MI1.jpgDuring F2F, several issues were emerged out during the discussions. The issue of waste was the highlight for all the community since the agriculture communities were facing a lot of challenges due to the lack of awareness on the ill effects of plastic waste. The proper disposal was the major concern for every community since they were already experiencing the plastic disposal in the water system and in agriculture land.…
  • India Program in 2019 - a reportage
    The project has been taken up in 2 regions Indian Himalayas, one in Eastern (Darjeeling district of West Bengal) another is in Western Himalayas (Ranikhet Districts on Uttarakhand). The activities are implemented by the local partner of Welthungerhilfe - Lok Chetana Manch. Here is the progress of 2019 in short. MAAN Platform Amongst RSPs, 64 RSPs and 15 project associates has been registered in MAAN so far.…
  • Visit to Darjeeling
    An hour journey from Darjeeling via Lebong through a bumpy hilly road, you reach to Mineral spring Tea garden... well not a tea garden in that sense. Till 1952 it was operating a tea garden, and because of fights between trade unions, management and the owner - it fell apart and could not continue. It was completely shutdown in 1960. The land was mortgaged to Indian bank, and they wanted to sell the land. However,…
  • Capacity Develeopment of RSPs

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