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The time when rural community losing its interest in agriculture in hilly areas due to animal menace and scattered small land holdings, Mr Gopal Singh Adhikari popularly known as Gopal Da successfully mobilized the community to rejuvenate the farm land and make it income generating. Initially he himself started growing vegetables instead of wheat and paddy. During rainy season he started growing surplus produce to sell it in the market. The main challenge he was facing was to protect the crop from animals (wild and stray animals). He, therefore, thought to mobilize other community members to adopt same crop cycle. Initially he had to support the farmers for seed and facilitate them to get good price in the market. The community members started following him. As a result the challenge he was facing to protect the fields is less now due to collective responsibility. Gopal Da became RSP in July 2019 under NMA II to accelerate the activities in the village. He successfully motivated the people to consolidate the land of different farmers and develop it as common kitchen garden. He organized the training of the farmers under NMA II and decided to fence the area for growing vegetables. They will also use this patch for growing saplings that can be distributed in the village. With this approach many youths have also come forward to adopt same agricultural practices and bring more land under vegetable cultivation. The village community started making road so that vehicle can come closer to their field and make it easier to transport their farm produce to the market.They have also started demanding for better irrigation infrastructure to the local administration. Gopal Da also educates the community members about the importance of nutrition for better health. He possesses good communication skill and gained credibility within the village.If this trend continues then Dalmoti village will become learning center for other village communities.


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India IND