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Oyster Mushroom cultivation procedure in remote area of District Haripur Hazara. Village Chajjian Kamawan. 

Demonstration & Participation of Farmer.

OOyster Mushroom on Final Stage.

Oyster Mushroom Cultivation Demonstration by local Former.

Oyster Mushroom Cultivation Awareness Session with community

Practically field work by local Former.

Broad Based Community Meeting.

Also Feed back of  Female participant former.

Aslamualikum my name is Saira on behalf of all trainees from village Chhajjian I am very pleas to tell that we all very benefitted with this training that was so valuable Dr saeeda shah provided us mushrooms spawns and these are grow well and we harvested , some of them we dried and other we cooked .these mushrooms are very nutrition's and by having various health benefits it fulfills the  health requirements like provide us proteins and other nutrients and it also fulfill our blood requirement that after consuming no one found to be suffer from anemia ..so the overall sessions of this training was very good we all are aware by the notorious values and come to know by her team that how in future we get food from organic agriculture and on house level how we can earn and get food from mushrooms …In future we will start mushroom marketing. I am very thankful to sunsai team for her kind efforts...

Behalf of Chajjian Kamawan  Farmers.

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