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Village chhajjian and Ghumawan are both hilly areas located in district Haripur Pakistan .Although this area is very rich in florestic and fuanal diversity local comunities lacke the resources and very littel poeple know about there nutritiuos requirnment ,so in order to aware the poeple of these villages and purpose of there nutritions we started to work here with the help of MAAN orgnization.we intiated the project of mushroom cultivation and its marketing.


PURPOSE OF THIS project is mainely focusing on the women empwement over there as womens are very hardworking in this area but they are unaware about  the methods how to earn and fulfil there finencial needs. so we started and do our best to empower the womens as well as mens.

Achevments :

as shown below we provided the spawans to different peoples to that areas and they succesfully grown oyster mushrooms by getting the training fromDr  syeda shah and Dr .ilyas  theye coocked and aware from its nutritious prospectives

future goals:

this project is still going on and our future prospective is to educate and get results about the growth as well as marketing of these mushrooms. so the poeple can get nutriuos benifits as well as finencial benifits.

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Pakistan PAK