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This article describes what you need to do when you want to share any news. It is foreseen to use the "Blog" functionality for such information.

  • News are status updates, describing where you are within a project.
  • News are announcements about upcoming events.
  • News are news (wink) - short-living information about what happens around us.

For rather static content we recommend to not use the "Blog" functionality. Static would be documentation pages or knowledge bank articles.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Navigate to the space to which the news are related, e.g. your Country space
  2. Click the "Create" Button at the top right 
  3. Choose the "Blog Post" Template
  4. Write your news message
  5. Use labels (also known as tags or keywords) to give information about the topics in your message. 


Using labels helps to link related pages and to generate topic-specific lists in the system

Monthly Updates (NMA Project Team)

Please use the label "monthly" when you share your monthly project updates. This allows the system to pull all monthly updates from the different countries into one list.

There is no content with the specified labels


  1. Dear Riff and Simon,

    so far experiencing on the website I just noticed some issues and would like to ask you:

    1/ Is it possible to share the page with other social nets, like twitter,facebook, Russian net odnoklassniki?

    2/  When new people are registerng including potential RSPs, our own inofrmation like action plans become accessible for the, too. I think that access to some of our information f.e. action plan of National Coordinator, National RSP fasilitator should be limited beyond the project team. 

    Thank you in advance!


  2. Dear Mahabat

    regarding your questions:

    1) Currently the content of the country-spaces is non-public - you need to be registered. If you share any links outside in VK, Facebook etc. it would require users to register first. But I see that this could be a point of discussion and that is also related to your other question...

    2) First of all the country-spaces are visible entirely after registration. The "Project Management" section is only visible when I as an admin have assigned the people to a certain group. I am sure that it needs some clarification on what we want to see in the country spaces and what goes into the Project Management. If things are confidential they surely should go into project management. Project management area is currently not subdivided per country but that could be a way to keep confidential things confidential and still have a good overview to which project country they belong.

    Especially the required structure was difficult for us to predict, so its very good if you have an own idea what you want to be public and what you want to keep confidential. I can always help to create a structure which meets your requirements. These things were left open so far to not force anything on you which we think is good but then doesn't match the reality.

    I hope this helps,


  3. Dear Simon,

    Please guide me how to create the monthly update, I am struggling on this. Is it in the country page? the project management page? The layout is ready to use? or do I have to create a similar one. 

  4. Hi Patricia, sorry for my late reply. I had a few days off. All project management related info should be posted under NPC. I understand the monthly updates as a requirement by the project and thus might not be very interesting for the "regular" users. However if you have interesting news to share for everybody I see no problem if you post it in the country section anyway. Or you do a separate news in the country space (things interesting for everybody) and the project stuff in NPC (using template NMA Monthly Update)

  5. Dear Simon

    The people those who are concerning, I’m very interested on kinds of organic foods specially that are preparing/producing from a type of plant called Enset. Enset is a plant which is growing mostly in the southern region of Ethiopia. The process of the production of food from Enset has difficulty. Here it is the point that just to decrease the difficulty I have made a machine to make the work very simple. Any individual person can use it and produce food from Enset. Enset has different up to 20 varieties. From those varieties some of are best for production of Buu’la, some are for Haa’micho and Kocho. Different kinds of food produced from Enset are Haa’micho, Kocho, Buu’la, Mucho and Atakana. Specially, Atakana is very delicious food that is prepared for holyday like Meskel mostly selebrated at southern region of Ethiopia.

    Now I’m working at high school being principal. So, If I get help I can do my vision on providing rural services as much as possible. If you have any suggestion or any ideas that to advise I accept and apply for my target area.

    Thank you Alemayehu Ayalew who is working at ISD!

     Tarekegn Tekle



  6. Dear  Simon,

    Now a lot of researchers concentrated on organic agriculture in my country Ethiopia. In Ethiopia southern region different nations like Kambata, Hadiya, Wolyta, Dawuro, Sidama, Gedio and Gurage (all are about 12million people) make their food from type of vegetables mainly from Enset. Enset is one of the most common type of vegetable that is preferable food for those nations. This is the point what I saw about the use of Enset and I want to be a best provider of food produced from Enset in a better way. So, I need to get help to make my vision right and practical.

    I have got some knowledge from ISD which is designed by the organization through the training made in the previous times. These helped me that to make ready to be RSP. I hope that I will get your support in coming times.  

    Thank you!

    Tarekegn Tekle

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