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The SUN CSN Asia Regional workshop & Budget Analysis Training was scheduled to be held from 18th-25th Sep 2019 in Siem Reap Cambodia. The focus of the workshop is supporting Civil Society Alliances from the Asia region to carry out effective advocacy for implementation of multi-stakeholder, multi-sectoral nutrition plans through allocation of sufficient resources and functional accountability mechanisms.

Two of NMA staff Shazia Hina  and Gulzada Kudaiberdieva from @Pakistan  and @Krygyzstan  were selected on the basis sustain participation in advocacy interventions SUN secretariat of both the countries proposed their names to participate in Asia Regional workshop and represent their respective countries and CSAs.

This participation also contributes to NMA's objective of Global advocacy agenda on one hand and on the other hand the NMA message of Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture was also widely spread. Now both the staff members have a plan to take the message to the NMA group at the country level and sensitize them on the importance of advocacy.

SUNCSA has 164 INGOs, National and grass root level member organizations. It was an honor for Shazia Hina to got selected among 164 member organizations of SUNCSA Pakistan at the country level.

I presented SUNCSA Pakistan presentation on the first day as an introduction. On next day i presented a case study of Pakistan SUNCSA's assignment on Budget Analysis  and advocacy. Both the presentation were appreciated very much. Specially as we have budget analysis training too so this case study has been picked up.

NMA was promoted in the meeting by sharing published material from both the countries. MAAN was also promoted in discussions. Policy Gap Analysis was also highlighted in Pakistan Budget Analysis Presentation. As the workshop is continues so updates will be posted regularly. The link of the workshop is as follow



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Pakistan PAK