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Meeting to Review & Endorse Multi Sectoral National Nutrition Action Plan


#InvestinNutrition #maternalhealth #1000days #everychildalive #righttofood #zerohunger #sdg2 #overcomemalnutrition

The meeting was called upon by SUN Pakistan Ministry of Planning Development and Reforms Pakistan. All the relevant stakeholders from all over the country participated in this high level forum. Helvetas was in Agriculture/Food/Livestock/Fisheris Group. As it was a big group and there was representation of INGOs, Donors, Academia, Government Ministries, and private sector as well. But mostly our suggestions were appreciated and taken up and finally endorsed by the relevant ministries and stakeholders.The interventions were categorized as Short Term (Less Than 3 Years), Medium Term (3-5 Years) and Long term (5-10years).

Short Term Interventions:

  • Promotion, practice & support of home stead food productionthrough Kitchen Gardening
    i) Awareness & mentoring
    ii) Showcasing
    iii) Convincing
    iv) Practice
    v) Self sustaining
  • Promote & support household rural poultry production & consumption
    i) Diagnosis and management of diseases at household level
    ii) Preventive measures for disease outbreak
  • Promote & support small/community fish farm/ponds and consumption of fish
  • Raise awareness for consumption of animal protein rich foods (fish/meat & locally produced poultry, eggs & dairy products)
  • Fortification/bio fortification of foods/crops (flour, ghee/oil & salt) & awareness to address the micro nutrient deficiencies
  • Subsidies on healthier, nutritious & fortified foods
  • Establishment/Enforcement food authorities at provincial/area level through demand generation for safe and nutritious foods
  • Restrict the sale of junk foods (high sugar/high fat) at schools/educational institution premises, work places, eateries and street foods
  • Conditional cash grant/loan for establishment of fruit-plant nurseries at small orchard farm level for own farming and supply to the neighboring farms

    Medium Term Interventions:
  • Small scale food processing at farm level
  • Provide incentives for small farmers for high yield
  • Promote production of indigenous SNF
  • Commercialization of Ready to Use Supplementary Foods (RUSF) to ensure cost effective access for stunting prevention initiatives/programs
  • Social marketing of bio fortified foods
  • Provide market access and incentives to farmer/women for strengthening food value chain
  • Cold chain and storage management services for agriculture products

    Long term Interventions
  • Increase availability of bio-fortified food crops (grains & pulses etc)
  • Incorporation of nutrition consideration in P&DD unit of agriculture sector for nutrition sensitive approaches coordination
  • Protect, promote and support organic farming
  • Cultivation and promotion of medicinal plants for home remedies


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