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Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation Pakistan under its project Nutrition in Mountain Agro-Ecosystems (NMA) is calling for proposals on Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture in Mountainous areas of Pakistan. The applicant institutions can be Businesses, extension service providers, NGOs etc. These proposals are to scale up Proven nutrition sensitive agriculture interventions in collaboration with local institutions.The proposed interventions need to have been successfully applied in similar contexts – i.e. found technically and economically viable and contributing to diversified diets – either within a Micro Intervention during NMA phase I or in a similar set-up.

These proposals are selected based on a competitive fund system.The proposals are evaluated by a technical committee, based on transparently announced criteria and a rating system.These proposals will be reviewed and evaluated by a technical committee comprising of 3-4 members, two will be project team members and 2 will be local experts.

Upon successful application, SUNSAI receive coaching and co-funding from the NMA project, and are closely monitored. Contributions from the project include:

  • Co-funding of CHF 5’000-10’000, proportionally to the number of people reached. NMA will cover a maximum of 50% of the total costs. The project contribution is proportional to the number of beneficiaries reached.
  • Participation in capacity development program including coaching in refining and implementing the SUNSAI for those RSPs that have not participated in NMA phase I.
  • Coaching for the design and implementation of the SUNSAIs for those RSPs that participated already in a capacity development program in NMA phase I
  • Support in advocacy, networking, and communication.
  • Support in monitoring and evaluation of key indicators, and documentation of experiences.

For proposal submission, applicants must use the application format. Application forms must be submitted electronically.

The deadline for proposal submission is 25th February 2019

The submitted proposals will be evaluated by a technical committee. Proposals that comply with the minimum criteria will be shortlisted. The shortlisted proposals will be further assessed based on selection criteria by an international evaluation committee that compares SUNSAI proposals from different countries. The best proposals will be selected for funding. In total, maximum 15 to 30 SUNSAI will be selected.


The Selection of SUNSAI for funding will be communicated to applicants by end of March 2019.

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Pakistan PAK