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Quiero compartir mi preocupacion sobre el grupo de 10 alimentos que hemos utilizado en WDDS. Usualmente lo hubieramos considerado a nuestros granos andinos (quinoa, kiwicha o amaranto, kañiwa) como cereales. Pero no lo son ni agronomicamente o biologicamente, ni nutricionalmente. Puede ser que en el procesamiento sea tan versatil como el cereal, y en terminos de aporte energetico. Pero nos parece importante señalar esta situacion con nuestro grupo en Peru. Hay algo parecido en Pakistan, Kirgistan, Nepal o Etiopia? creo que tienen una graminea nutritiva tambien.

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  1. Dear Patricia Flores, interesting topic you raise, they are energy giving products, we need staple food to keep our energy, however micronutrients necessary to keep us healthy. Today with discussion with NMA Ethiopia, Alemayehu Ayalew Tegegn and Gizaw Gebremariam we found out that Teff which is common staple food in Ethiopia is having also protein quality, in the same level as carbohydrate, we googled for more information and found out that still it would be under the first group, Cereals. May be inge.verdonk could advice us differently? 

  2. I am asking Dr. Mario Tapia, to give us also some relevant reading material for our knowledge bank Bernet ThomasLuis Antonio Ravello Gutiérrez. In Peru we have also considered it under the cereals category, however, it is important to highlight that they do not provide only energy as you mention.