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Training was about NMA-II  organic Agriculture in mountainuos areas this training was given by Dr. Syeda Shah and Dr. Ilyas in Three days.that was very usefull for the local poeple and we learnt different methods about organic agriculture 

  • we learnt that how to make composet to get better yeild of vegetables and crops.
  • we learnt how to eredicate different weeds by using natural ways 
  • we learnt natural ways  how to overcome the problems of insects and fruite flies that damage our fruite or vegetables.
  • we learn the value chain how to grow and how we can sell these vegetables to the market and earn money .
  • we learnt how to do crop rotation in order to get more yeild from a soil. 
  • besides these highlights this trainig was very usefull and it will give the practical outcomes.
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Pakistan PAK