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This Video tutorial gives you idea how to used, edit and maintaining of this Pakistan MAAN page. This is a webinar video between Simon and Pakistan Helvatas Colleagues.


Recording of the meeting on December 12, 2017 about the Knowledge Bank and MAAN platform development. The link will lead to the recording, because the file is too big and usual youtube is banned in Pakistan. 


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  1. Amjad, babar mehmood , Syed Aamir Shah the recording of the 12Dec meeting

    1. please let me check it


  2. Amjad, Syed Aamir Shah, babar mehmood hope you have gone through the recording of the session. I would suggest if we all four could meet virtually this week and distribute the responsibilities among ourselves. I suggest tomorrow 10:30 am at skype. what do u say?

    1. As i know it wld be difficult for u in evening but i am more comfortable in evening. can u please do it in evening?

    2. madam as you suggest that we all four could meet virtually. but we can not met, if it is possible next week we can meeting on Skype. if you are agree with me please inform us via mail or messenger.


Pakistan PAK