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1. Awareness Session at v illage Kakotari (F) Mohallah Kalas 

Beer Union Council District Haripur


Awareness and Training Program for Women Farmers on Fruit Trees and Soil Management to enhance their productivity and increase fruit quality and consumption

23rd July 2016


         Nutrition in Mountain Agro-Eco System                       

Submitted to:  Inter Cooperation Peshawar

 Submitted by: Ms. Wajiha   RSP

1. Awareness Session at village Kakotari (F) Mohallah Kalas

Title:              Awareness and Training program for Women Farmers on Fruit Trees and Soil Management

Venue:          Mohallah Kalas Village Kakotari UC Beer

Dated:           23rd July, 2016

Time:             11:30 to 13:30 PM

No: of            16 Female Farmers



Agenda:        Awareness and Training Program for Female Farmers on Fruit Trees and Soil Management-Status of Fruit Trees in Project Area





The RSP welcomed all the participants and introduced her and the MAAN Project and its implementing partners; Inter-Cooperation and IFOAM. After registration and introduction of the participants the session started with recitation from Holly Quran. The facilitator RSP briefly described the purpose of the session that fruit plants currently available in households, backyards or near the households in orchard shape are over sighted for their potential production and no proper management practices either related to plants or soil are adapted to achieve fruit production, for the purpose the project facilitates to promote fruit consumption and production to meet the balanced food dietary diversity of vitamins and essential nutrients to overcome malnutrition and nutrient deficiencies, in Beer Union council of district Haripur.


While addressing to the women farmers, she explicitly claimed that the existing plantation will be promoted for good growth and fruit production through the soil management and the maintenance techniques, to increase their productivity and enhance fruit quality and consumption, the interested women farmers will be facilitated for the promotion, maintenance and care of their existing fruit plants and further motivated to plant and grow fruit trees to adapt fruit consumption strategy for balanced food diversity in their food dietary. She claimed that production of fruit plants available in project area can be doubled through motivation of the women farmers.


She further informed that Women Farmers will be provided with capacity development trainings on soil and plant management to improve their fruit plant production of existing fruit plants and nutritionally diverse foods in the area, the practice of fruit consumption in the area is very low while fruit consumption is very much important for human diet to achieve nutritional balance, especially of vitamins and micronutrients, fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals which play an important role in human body nourishment and growth.


A detail discussion apprehended on the status of fruit trees and the women farmers understand the importance of promotion of fruit trees and the session ended with a vote of thanks.



Ms. Wajiha

Rural Service Provider.


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