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I tried a quinoa and beet salad for my lunch today. The salad was fresh, tasty, and nutritious but above all... I am proud to mention that the quinoa used in this salad came from our own SUNSAI partner working in Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan. Since last year, he has introduced quinoa as a new crop to the region. He started on trial basis and is now working with a number of RSPs who are following in his footsteps and growing quinoa locally. 

Mr. Younas Shahzad works for the Basho area Conservation and Development Organization. Basho is a valley in the Skardu district where he is currently engaged in quinoa, black currents, and broad beans production. He has linked his farmers with Shazday Fruits (another SUNSAI) from Skardu for marketing his products.
I am grateful to Mr. Younas for his efforts and hope he will continue with his hard work and keep inspiring us.  

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Pakistan PAK