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1. What is NMA?

NAM stands for Nutrition in Mountain Agroecosystems.  A project of the Swiss Cooperation for Development, which is implemented by a consortium of institutions led by IFOAM Organics International (with Helvetas and FiBL), in five countries: Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Ethiopia and Peru. Its objective is to provide solutions for better nutrition (diversified and nutritious diets) in vulnerable populations in mountain areas and from the design of their family and agroecological production systems, to national and international political advocacy. It is aimed at developing capacities in Rural Service Providers (extension agents, researchers, promoters, leaders, agents of change) of both civil society organizations and government. NAM links Agriculture (agroecological) objectives with Nutrition,

Nutrition Project in Mountain Agroecosystems


Source: Global Hunger Index (global hunger index, 2017)

2. What is MAAN?

MAAN stands for Mountain Agroecosystems Action Network : Action Network in Mountain Agroecosystems. It is a platform where all rural service providers linked to NAM objectives can participate to exchange experiences, knowledge and articulate their initiatives in a global way. MAAN belongs to its users, beyond the NAM project.

3. Who can be a member of MAAN and what are its advantages?

Anyone who works or contributes to improve the feeding of vulnerable populations in mountain areas, can be a member of MAAN. The benefits it receives are: 

  • be part of a network of actors that promote a healthy and sustainable diet in vulnerable populations living in mountain areas.
  • interconnect at the country level and in a global way, without the language being an impediment to communication, thanks to the translation tool with which MAAN counts.
  • make visible the initiatives and results of the interventions of the Rural Service Providers (RSPs) and their organizations.
  • build knowledge and develop capacities in the RSPs

4. How to register as a member of MAAN and develop the profile?

To be part of MAAN you just have to enter your username and your email. Follow the instructions to fill out your profile, which you can edit and update at any time. Whenever you want to notify a member you must write: @username

5. How to upload information to the MAAN platform and share them?

To upload information on the MAAN platform, you must first locate the page where you will upload the information and follow the instructions with the help of the toolbar that appears in the dialog box, by clicking on the icons you can upload documents from your computer or a portable memory, or photos or images that you have stored on your computer or portable memory. Always keep in mind that the translator of the platform, you can only translate the texts you write directly in the box. Documents in pdf, word, excel, etc. They can not be translated. So we recommend that whenever you post a photo or a document in Word or another program, enter the topic writing what it is. You can upload as a blog (news to share), or in discussion forums,

6. How to start a discussion or forum?

There will be topics of interest that you want to start sharing with MAAN members. To do this, look for the Discussion page. You will see the following recommendation: Do you want to add a topic for discussion? First,  check the list of topics below  to see if the topic discussion already exists. If it does not exist, then you can create a new theme by clicking the "Create new theme" button.

7. Calendar

 You can use the calendar to place special events or activities that you wish to share with the users of the MAAN platform.

8. I want to see information from other countries but it is in another language. Does the platform translate into Spanish?

Yes. The platform can be in the Spanish language and if the page appears in a different language, a message from Google "Translated to: Spanish" and a box that says "Show text can appear above the toolbar on your screen. original". If you click on "Spanish" the selection is activated for all the languages that you can choose. If you want to read in the original language, many times in English, you click on "show original text". It is important that you bear in mind, that the translation is not perfect. It gives you a good idea of the concept you want to convey. You will have to use your experience and criteria to improve the translation and achieve a good understanding of the message that is in another language that is not your mother tongue. Similarly, if you upload information in your language (Spanish),

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