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Discussion World Food Day and Organic Agriculture Resolved View 1923 Comment 6 2010191108 Okt 19, 2020 11:08 Undefined
Discussion 2.2 can we change community regarding health and nutrition through key elements i.e. skill, knowledge & attitude? New View 704 Comment 0 0 - Undefined
Discussion 2.9 how we can sustain this program in future? New View 654 Comment 0 0 - Undefined
Question 2.8 how we can ensure the quality of food? New View 699 Comment 0 0 - Undefined
Question 2.5 how a RSP can organize community for best nutrition practices? New View 735 Comment 0 0 - Undefined
Discussion 2.14 ORGANIC AGRICULTURE VS ENVIROMENT In discussion View 1159 Comment 1 1606291042 Jun 29, 2016 10:42 Undefined
Question 2.18 What differentiates an organic fertilizer from a synthetic or inorganic fertilizer? Resolved View 777 Comment 1 1603131837 Mär 13, 2016 18:37 Undefined
Discussion 2.22 WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT AND NUTRITION In discussion View 6 Comment 7 1604010741 Apr 1, 2016 07:41 Undefined
Question 2.19 What is different between Hybrid Seeds and Genetically-modified (GMO) seeds? which of them effect the nutrational value of food? New View 707 Comment 0 0 - Undefined
Question 2.3 Give examples of practices used in sustainable agriculture In discussion View 1497 Comment 3 1604010626 Apr 1, 2016 06:26 Undefined
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  1. What are the new techniques of food preservation?

  2. Drying... The most ancient method of food preservation. by using this way we can

    preserve the  vegetables,  Herbs, Meat and other kind of food.

  3.    assalamualaikum to all

Pakistan PAK