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Fruit production in Beer valley can be improved by increasing number of plants on one hand and also by improving the skills through training and creating awareness in the forming community on some basic Technique  of good plants. citrus s plants can be best option for former in Beer valley, they are rich in vitamin c , helpful in enhancing  human body   defense system against Diseases .citrus plants are relatively more robust in growth small piece of care can yield excellent fruits .similarly lemon plants can be used for plantation and a good variety  of lemon plant can bear fruit twice a years .lemon can be  used for domestic consumption and also can easily be marketed and as its relitevely expensive in market. there fore former are grower can obtain high profit. curntly very low number of fruit trees are planted at domestic level and large number of house hold depends on local vendors for perching fruits and due to its call very low levels of fruit consumption can be observed in beer valley. very low fruit plant density in beer valley can be attributed to various reasons and most important is lake of awareness. a proper demonstration and basic knowledge motivate common people  in adoption this benifesial task. we will provide to community 150  citrus plant through MAAN project to improve the fruit production process and 36 awareness raising session in different women groups,three training for 100 women.

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