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The interventions of this cluster will revolve around food preservation and minimization of post harvest losses.

Food Preservation

It was noted that several Divisions, including those of Fisheries, Animal Production and Health, Plant Production and Protection, were engaged in food technology activities in their respective fields of interest. The Nutrition Division's interest was mainly, in their nutritional implications, in particular in reducing wastage of food, in preventing losses in nutritive value and in conserving or enhancing palatability.



Food processing and preparation activities cover three main fields:

(1) the preservation of foods by

(2) the development of protein - rich foods;

(3) food additives.

Following RSPs are members of this cluster and will report their progress here. They are;

aniqa, Ammad amin, Ahmed Ali Khalid



Documents Related to Food Preservation






  1. dear All


    Please shared your experiences and field activities here


  2. Ammad amin, Ahmed Ali Khalid very good effort. Keep it up I was more interested to see you people how you are delivering your sessions.Please share your experience here on this page. (smile) all the best

  3. The attitude of beer peoples is very positive.they also show interest in gaining knowledge .They also share their problems with us which they faced in their  agriculture .the main problem is lack of facilities and Knowledge.  (smile)

  4. 2nd awareness raising session report;

    On Sunday 31july 2016. It was my 2nd awareness raising session. This session was also in village Hill but different peoples. Sam as first session i introduce myself and my project and tell peoples about the purpose of our visit to their village. As every villager of Hill have relation with agriculture.So they were very interested in my topic. Peoples of hill cultivate fruits and vegetables and they have many problems regarding to post harvesting. During the discussion it is observed that mostly peoples have same problems which were discussed in previous session.

  5. Fist awareness raising session report;

      On Saturday 30th july2016 it was the first session with peoples of village Hill. In this session there were about 20 to 25 men's & women's. I introduce my project with peoples and discuss that what I am going to do in their village. After that I gave a presentation about my topic "how to reduce past harvest loses of fruits and vegetables". During the presentation i feel that peoples are taking interest and already have knowledge about post harvest technology. People of Hill cultivate vegetables. They still have many problems related to the post harvesting of mango fruit. We discuss these problems and will solve their difficulties in the training session.Peoples are happy with our presence at their village. 

  6. Dear Ammad amin

    For the microprojects linked with Market you need to make additional baseline on Market survey. I attach the guideline here for you. Dear Shazia Hina, please instruct others who have market related projects. Good luck. Shaknoza

    NMA Market survey guidelines_final.docx

    Dear Konrad Hauptfleisch, if you instructed these RSPs to focus only on the field, then we do not need to make market survey. But eventually i assume the farmers interested in post harvest are those who are mainly selling their product. 


    1. yes you are right dear shaknoza I agree with you,  marketing & marketing linkages are most important component of this process & also for our community, we should must develop the local market linkages with our local community.


  7. Dear Shakhnoza Kurbanalieva

    As we instructed about our Mi.First we link our Mi with markets then our Mi is rejected it was said that we use local potential to reduce the post harvest loses and to make them use in their own area not to link with market. Their is another reason we can not linked with market the is the production rate of same crop in same area not more then 3 to 4 farmers in same area has the production that can collected in market.

    1. Thank you Ahmed Ali Khalid, i got information from Ammad amin, in case you are targeting farmers who are eventually selling their product then it will make sense to make Market survey. And you will find important messages like do they sell all nutritious food or do they also consume at family level? With the awareness and skills you provide, do they change their behaviour? So i leave it up to Shazia Hina and Konrad Hauptfleisch as your lead trainers to further guide you. All the best. Shaknoza



    ہر وہ چیز جو ہم کھاتے ہیں یا پیتے ہیں خوراک کہلاتی ہے۔
    ہر فرد خوراک کا استعمال کرتا ہے ہاچھی صحت اور زندگی کی بقا کے لیے خوراک انان کی بنیادی ضرورت ہے اچھی خوراک وہ ہے جو متوازن ہونے کے ساتھ ساتھ غذائیت سے بھی بھرپور ہو جس سے مختلف بیماریوں سے بچا جا سکے ایک اوسط عمر کا فرد زندگی میں 70 ہزار مرتبہ کھانا کھاتا ہے جس کے لیے وہ تقریبا 60 ٹن خوراک استعمال کرتا ہے اکثر لوگ خوراک کا چناؤ پسند اور نا پسند پر کرتے ہیں کیوں کہ خوراک کی غذائیت سے بہت کم لوگ واقف ہوتے ہیں ۔

  9. غذا اور اس کے اجزاء کی اہمیت 


    تازہ پھلوں اور سبزیوں کے کاروبار کی اہمیت کا دارومدار انسانی خوراک میں ان کی اہمیت پر ہے۔ انسانی خوراک میں سبزیوں اور پھل ذائقہ ، توانائی اور انسانی جسم کو درکار ضروری عناصر کے حصول کا ذریعہ ہیں۔مثال کے طور پر سبزیوں اور پھل وٹامن سی کا سب سے اہم اور موئژ ذریعہ ہیں۔ کیونکہ انسانی جسم بذات خود وٹامن سی نہیں بنا سکتا۔ وٹامن سی کے علاوہ سبزیوں اور پھلوں میں نشاستہ، روغنیات اور نمکیات کی وافر مقدار موجود ہوتی ہے۔جو انسانی جسم کی ضروریات کو پورا کرتی ہے۔ لہٰذا اچھی صحت کے لیے تازہ سزیوں اور پھلوں کا استعمال بہت ضروری ہے۔

  10. Last Quarter Report

    As according to the my MI document it was planed that we would have 20 awareness sessions and 4 training sessions. Therefore,  we have successfully gone through 17 awareness sessions and 1 training session while 3 sessions are remaining along with three trainings as well. The schedule of our last quarter from January to March 2017 is given below:  

     In January 4 awareness sessions were held

    In February   1 training session and 1 field visit was held

    In March 3 sessions were held

     It is being stated here that due to the extension date of submission of narrative reports the remaining activities have been shifted from February/March to April/May 2017. There is one more reason which contributes in delaying activities related to ripening of local fruits and vegetables of UC Beer. All the reports and pictures related to previously done activities will be uploaded on MAAN page up coming week .

  11. According to my MI document i have 20 awareness sessions and 4 training. I had to complete these 20 sessions and 1 training while three training are left. The schedule of last quarter from January to march 2017 is as under.

    In January 6 awareness sessions were held

    In February 1 training were held

    In March 2 awareness session were held

    Due to the extension date of submission of narrative reports the remaining activities have been shifted from February/March to April/May 2017

  12. Activity Report for Month of Sep. 2016 .

    Awareness Raising Session  

    Venue:                    Chinjialla                    

    Participant:            19(male) and 11(female).                      

    Dated:                     9 September 2016        

    Topic:       Awareness about post harvest losses of vegetables  and balance diet.


    1. To create interest of the participants regarding how to save their production after harvest.

    2.  Aware the participants about importance of nutrition and balance diet.

    3. Aware the participants regarding production of food.

    4. To change the behaviour of  people towards the using of new techniques of harvesting, preservation and marketing of their production.


                                                          In this session first I introduced  MAAN project and then discussed  about  what is food and what we need to eat for our better health and our daily intake. After that we talked about the balance diet most of the participants didn’t have knowledge about what is balance diet after that the discussion started about how to minimize the post harvest losses during this time mostly farmers raised their questions about the insect pest attack on their crops. I guided them about problems which farmers have mostly during harvesting, processing, storage and marketing for  about 2.5 hours and after that session a session started with female participants separately. During that session we discussed again these things likewise,  discussion about the value addition of their vegetables like from tomato how to make tomato ketchup and making  pickles from different vegetables. This session consisted upon about 1.5 hours.  In this session Madam Shazia was also there in their monitoring visit.


    1. At the end of this session I  selected 7 males and 4 females interested participants  for the next 3 days  training.

    2. At the end of session 31 male and female participants have been  aware about the post harvest technology and balance diet.  


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