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Lead Trainer: Sikandar Khan

CO Trainer: Abdul Qadir

  1. MDDS Baseline survey
  2. F2F1 (03 days)
  3. Formation of Growers associations (03 (UC Drosh 1, UC Drosh 2 & VC Birir))
  4. Training on Organic farming and seeds distribution to the selected farmers
  5. Field visits to RSPs micro interventions
  6. Linkage development with Agriculture extension unit Chitral
  7. Extension of membership to other neighbourhood villages (UC Ashrait, UC Arandu, UC Shishikoh)
  8. Distribution NMA Booklets to RSPs

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  1. Very nice. Maybe you can tell us on the give us some details about your RSPs and their activities.

    1. We have trained 30 RSPs initially, Mainly they are practicing Organic kitchen garden

    2. List of MIs implemented by RSPs (Chitral)
      S/NoNameVillage NameDP/MI
      1Sher BahaderNagarOnion production
      2Amir MuhammadSerdurKitchen gardening/ Awareness raising on nutrition & Garlic production
      3Muhammad ZiaKalkatakWalnut nursery & Citrus plant production
      4SalahuddinShishiFood processing, Food technology
      5Imran FarooqKhairabadFruit production (Pomegranate, Straw Berry) 
      6Nadir KhanJingerateFruit and vegetable production
      7Hassan SultanJingerateFermentor technology of organic farming and Drip irrigation technology
      8Riaz KamilBazar DroshGarlic production
      9Ahmad ShahShishiVegetable and fruit production
      10Hijar AhmadKaldamVegetable production & marketing
      11Najib UddinShahnigarKitchen gardening
      12Akmal SyedLanga DroshKitchen gardening (Garlic and onion production)
      13Mir Hisam uddinBeori MiandehWalnut production
      14Sana UllahDargirdiniVegetable & fruit production, Awareness raising on NSA
      15Wajid ZamanKuruKitchen gardening
      16Abdul MajidKuruKitchen gardening/ Awareness raising
      17Mohabbat KhanKuruKitchen gardening/ Awareness raising
      18Muhib Ur RahmanBeori MiandehVegetable production & awareness raising on Organic farming
      19Zeeshan Ul HaqDadkhanduri payeenKitchen gardening/ Awareness raising
      20Zubair AliPoteniandehKitchen gardening/ Awareness raising
      21Niaz AhmadKaldamVegetable production
      22Faseeh UddinNoghor DapKitchen gardening & Awareness raising on nutrition
      23Shams Ul HaqAranduAwareness raising on nutrition & kitchen gardening
      24Atiq AlamShahnigarKitchen gardening/ Awareness raising
      25Jawad AhmadLanga DroshKitchen gardening/ Awareness raising
      26Imtiaz HussainLanga DroshKitchen gardening/ Awareness raising
      26Fazal BariKaldamKitchen gardening/ Awareness raising
      1. Thanks for sharing the details.

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