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Shazday started off as a student project that could change the lives of thousands of small farming families in Gilgit Baltistan,

a region known for its abundant, healthy, natural and unusually tasty produce and of course most of the world’s tallest mountains

and epic jaw dropping landscapes.

Shazday now works hand in hand with hundreds of those farming families to ensure their quality produce makes its way in a safe

and healthy way into the hands of our conscious and responsible customers.

Their energy and passion comes from the positive change they are able to bring to our farming community.

Bringing the pride back in agriculture

Gilgit Baltistan is considered to be the birth place of the apricot tree, along with being home to some of the most novel produce

in the world. These foods are intertwined with the local culture, which is at risk of being trampled due to improved communication

and aggressive globalization.

We consciously work towards creating products from ingredients that are locally sourced, and helps sustain the agricultural practices

that exist since generations. Not only do we preserve the authentic Baltistani culture, but bring you some of the finest food on the planet.

New for the better

We are firm believers of doing things differently. We employ cutting edge technology, and stay at the forefront of innovation, both in terms

of our processes and in terms of our products. We think that advancement in technology can not only co-exist with nature but also nurture it.


Sure it’s a buzz word, sure everyone is writing it, but for Shazday, it’s a necessity. The reason why their products are so good is that they have

minimal external interference. Therefore, Shazday is intentional about maintaining mountain eco-systems and not allowing commercial

agriculture to bring its negative impact to the region. Shazday through the SUNSAI under NMA-II is working simultaneously on upgradation

of its processing facility. Last year they procured an industrial pulper and industrial Blender for their value added products. 

Shazday is working side by side with Agriculture department Skardu for improved tree management and post-harvest loss management.

With the help of Agriculture experts, Shazday is working on building a guide for farmers on prevention of pre and post harvest losses.

This guide will also cover pruning techniques, irrigation manual and nutritional values of the apricot. 

They are regularly upgrading their processing facility to ensure quality, consistent and hygienic products. Shazday has procured tons of

products to ensure timely supply in the market till next season. They hired a professional expert for its social media marketing and also investing

in R&D for value added products. Energy bars and Ball are developed using the raw materials (Dry fruits and Nuts) from these selected farmers.

The other value added products include apricot kernel butter, Jams and Fruit leather.

Shazday has established a number of sale-points in Skardu, Islamabad, and Lahore. They are currently in discussion with multiple vendors in major

cities across Pakistan for ensuring supplies of their products. Besides, their products are also available for online purchases through the following links








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