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1st day training session at Kharmang  Gomathang area

                                                              Introductory session 


Area for drying apricot at Gomathang

Recommendations by shazday team 

Trays for drying apricot



2nd day session 

instruction on maintaining Hygiene condition 





Traditional way for drying

 3rd day and 4th day 

                          practice on Turkish method of drying                                                                                                     










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    1. Thank you Haseena Batool for uploading the pictures of your activities. You are requested to please share a bit detail of the activity here so that all could come to know about it.


  1. With this method of drying apricot, the duration is how many days it lasts. How to protect in the rain?
    1. if weather is good it will dry within 3 to 4 days we use polythene to cover while raining

  2. Nice photos and good practices. 

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