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There are cases where you want to present some information in a table, here you see how to do it

Step-by-step guide

  1. If you have a page where the table should be added, please go and edit this page using the button. If you don't have a page yet, please create a new page.
  2. In editor mode you should be able to see a button to create a table:
  3. If you click the button you can select how many columns and rows you wish to create initially (don't worry you can change it later)
  4. A table should display in the editor like this:

  5. Now you can start filling the cells with information, just like in e.g. Excel


If you want to add columns and rows, please click with the mouse into a column or row where you would like to modify something. On top of the editor you should now see a bar with icons to achieve these changes:

The first icon (from left) is to add add a row before the selected one, the second icon is to add a row after the selected one. 

If you hold the mouse cursor over the other icons you will also see descriptions for them, e.g. to add another column or delete a row.

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