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Since this platform brings together people from all over the world it is very likely that not all content can be understood by everybody. 

To cope with language barriers we generally have to distinguish two things:

  1. Language used by the system - buttons, menus, forms
  2. Language used in content - any page or comment created by users

If you generally understand the content of the sections you are interested in you it might be enough to adjust the  system language  by using the buttons on top - here we only have a few selected languages,  not all languages are available.

If you want to understand content which is in a language that you don't speak there is also the possibility to use Google Translate, which we have embedded into this website.

Step-by-step guide

To activate translation with Google Translate please do the following 

  1. The Google Translate widget is available at the bottom of this page, the text depends on the language you use on your computer & browser.
    Please note: The widget can also be found at the bottom of any other page except the home pages of each section/space.

    Sprache auswählen Select language
  2. From the list of available languages select the language that you need.


As the topic suggest, not everybody might be able to understand this page. We welcome any translation of this page into e.g. Spanish, Nepali, Russian, Amharic or Urdu.

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