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When creating a page or comment you might want to mention other people. E.g. you might want to make a list of team members or in a discussion reply to a certain person. Using the @ symbol triggers a search in the User database.

Step-by-step guide

Inside a comment or inside the page editor do:

  1. Type the @ symbol
  2. Enter a few characters from the name you want to mention
  3. Let the system suggest some results and pick the one you need.


This is how it should look:

There is no content with the specified labels

1 Comment

  1. Dear  Simon,

    Now a lot of researchers concentrated on organic agriculture in my country Ethiopia. In Ethiopia southern region different nations like Kambata, Hadiya, Wolyta, Dawuro, Sidama, Gedio and Gurage (all are about 12million people) make their food from type of vegetables mainly from Enset. Enset is one of the most common type of vegetable that is preferable food for those nations. This is the point what I saw about the use of Enset and I want to be a best provider of food produced from Enset in a better way. So, I need to get help to make my vision right and practical.

    I have got some knowledge from ISD which is designed by the organization through the training made in the previous times. These helped me that to make ready to be RSP. I hope that I will get your support in coming times.  

    Thank you!

    Tarekegn Tekle

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