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We have currently set up calendars for the 8 NMA countries plus one calendar for project management

The country calendars are configured to use the timezone of respective country. 


Project ManagementEurope/Berlin (+ 02:00)Global NMA Project coordination
NepalAsia/Katmandu (+ 05:45)Local Events
PakistanAsia/Karachi (+ 05:00)Local Events
KyrgyzstanAsia/Bishkek (+ 06:00)Local Events
EthiopiaAfrica/Addis Ababa (+ 03:00)Local Events
PeruAmerica/Lima (- 05:00)Local Events
EcuadorAmerica/Guayaquil (- 05:00)Local Events
IndiaAsia/Kolkata (+05:30)Local Events
TajikistanAsia/Dushanbe (+ 05:00)Local Events
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