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The discussion is on the webinar available here. The webinar looks at the dichotomy between organic agriculture as a tool for development OR promoting organic agriculture and have development as a result thereof. Do you think that organic should be promoted as a tool for development or rather that development should be as result of the promotion of organics?

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  1. Linking organic agriculture and development, here is a paper titled 'Sustainable Organic Farming Practices'. The paper looks at how organic farming can meaningfully contribute to socio-economic and economically sustainable development. 

    What are your thoughts? Does Organic agriculture function as a tool for development?


  2. In the video the 4 Principles of Organic Agriculture is discussed. 

    To read more, see the link here

  3. The SDGs are discussed in the webinar, illustrating the role of organic herein. 

    To find out more you can look at the:

  4. To access the link mentioned in the video, clink the following https://www.ifoam.bio/our-work/how/facilitating-organic

  5. Projects mentioned in the webinar can be looked at here:

    • EPOPA (Export Promotion of Organic Products from Africa)
    • OSEA (Organic Standards in East Africa)
    • OTEA (Organic Trade and Value Chain Development)
    • NMA (Nutrition in Mountain Agro-Ecosystems)
    • BOKK (Building Sustainable Food Systems and Capacity for Organic Agriculture Development)
    • RBI (Resilience Through Better Institutions)
    • OM4D (Organic Markets for Development)