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Here we have a list of active and motivated RSPs who are ready to promote MAAN in local languages. We would need still from Kyrgyzstan, Ecuador, India and may be Tajikistan

Alok ShresthaAnshuman DasMahabat KaraevaShazia HinaShimelis TegegneCecilia Raquel PonceLuis Antonio Ravello Gutiérrez - let us arrange promotional session on Thursday, July 4th, 2019. Proposed time for Himalayas, Hindu Kush, Tian Shan and African Highlands is 11:00 AM CEST. For Andes we will arrange a separate session at the same date, but we would need confirmation by Patricia Flores and/or Luis Antonio Ravello Gutiérrez . 

Please use the following details to join the meeting.

MAAN Promoters meeting
Thu, Jul 4, 2019 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CEST

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

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  1. Dear Shakhnoza Kurbanalieva

    The date is okay for us; thanks for that. However, if it's possible to arrange the time before 05:00 pm Nepali time, it will be convenient for us. Some of the mentioned members told us that they could not join the meeting last time because of the time as well.

    And, we would also like to add following members in the list you mentioned.

    Chandra Bahadur Khadka

    Maharup Khatri

    Ghanashyam Nagarkoti

    Balkumar sharma

  2. Thank you for mentioning my name; actually I missed my last meeting of MAAN promoter due to the off time when we dont have internet access due to the power in Jumla. Nevertheless, I am doing my promotional works locally for this app. Looking forward to seeing you all in the promotional meeting. 

  3. Dear Shakhnoza Kurbanalieva, the date is fine with me, I would ask to add following potential promoters from Kyrgyzstan:

    Alisher Yuldashev

    Mamasalieva Nasipa

    Altynbek Bekjanov

    Akbaralieva Roza

    Аскат Токтосунов

    Asylgul Kenjekulova

    And about timing would be fine around 16-17 pm of Kyrgyzstan time. 

  4. Hi I missed this discussion.. could not meet due to lack of internet access. Can we get some scoops of the

    sessions I missed.

  5. Last meeting could not be done, Ishwor Malla jee. Next meeting is planned for 04 July, Thursday. Hope you can make it this time.

  6. Shakhnoza Kurbanalieva, Thank you for this!

    I propose Luis Antonio Ravello Gutiérrez and Cecilia Raquel Ponce (don't know if fernando ancelmo canedo rojas will join but he is very welcome!), to meet on July 04th at 9:00 PET (which is 16:00 CEST). Peru has the same time zone as Ecuador, and Bolivia is one hour more, so it would be 10 am for Bolivia.  Please, Luis Antonio Ravello GutiérrezCecilia Raquel Ponce and fernando ancelmo canedo rojas, confirm! I invite also the other Bolivian members: Maria Cristina Omonte FerrufinoCorina Miranda Espinoza and JUDITH MARCA CACERES.

    Luis Antonio Ravello Gutiérrez fijate si no necesitas mejorar o actualizar esa lista a la luz de los nuevos PSRs formados en los PDCs y los SUNSAIs. James Rengifo Pinedo Elena del Carmen Castillo Domínguez Judith Verónica Avila Jorge Herbert Gutierrez Alamo Juan Pablo Pineda Huamanñahui BERTHA TTITO ACCOSTUPA Francisca Soledad Medrano Quispe Jose Alberto, Alayo Mencia JANE VIRGINIA ESPÍRITU MIRANDA Luke Agness Ariel Kedy Chichipe Puscan Yerssey Caballero Palomino


    1. Querida Patricia, 4 de julio estoy viajando y no estaré en Quito, podemos reunirnos la semana siguiente, hasta el próximo miércoles, por favor. 

      1. Hola Ceci,  no depende de mi la fecha. Eso lo propuso el equipo internacional de Alemania. Reporta a ellos directamente tu dificultad, te recomendaria que otra persona del equipo de ToTs se conecte. Saludos y buen viaje!

    2. Thanks Patricia, I going to invite the ToT team of Ecuador. 

      Milton Hugo Guaman CoparaJosselyn Veronica Vega Rojas César Alberto Zambrano Zambrano. Estamos invitados a una sesión promocional de MAAN mañana jueves 4 a partir de las 9:00. Les copiaré el link apenas lo confirmen. 

    3. Estimados/as, les comento que el webinar para las otras regiones se realizo el dia de hoy y esta disponible en la pagina de la plataforma Re: MAAN Promoters Meeting 2019-07-04

      Para quienes puedan entender ingles pueden escuchar. 

      Estoy pidiendo a Shakhnoza Kurbanalieva de organizar otro webinar en ingles, y conmigo traduciendo en forma simultanea, para que puedan hacer sus preguntas o comentarios. Mientras tanto voy a darle una mirada a la grabacion y ver si sirve para hacer una traduccion con ustedes. Gracias por su tiempo e interes! estaremos en contacto.

  7. Dear Ghanashyam NagarkotiChandra Bahadur KhadkaMaharup Khatri maharupkhatriHansh NeupaneHansh NeupaneBalkumar sharmaIshwor MallaPrakash BudthapaChetana Malla Shahi

    As discussed earlier about the MAAN promotion meeting, it has been planned for tomorrow (Thursday, 04 July) at 02:45 pm Nepali time for 1 hour. I would like to request you to arrange your time.

    For the meeting you should (if you don't have) have gotomeeting programme/app in your computer or tablet or smartphone whichever you want to use; using computer will be better. Once you download this programme in your device, you can join the meeting via the following link that Shaknoza mentioned above. If you face any difficulties to download it, please let me know at least 1 hour before the meeting starts.

    Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. 

    1. Thank you very much, Ghanashyam NagarkotiHansh NeupaneSarswati Giridip bahadur ghartiBalkumar sharmaBB Hamal Jees, for your enthusiasm and active participation in the webinar. It was a good one. Thanks to Shakhnoza Kurbanalieva and IFOAM Administrator as well for their thoughts. 

      I am going to my home on leave today and will resume office on 10 July. Till then, you could think of how to promote MAAN app; and, next week, we will discuss about it.

    1.  Shakhnoza Kurbanalieva and Patricia Flores please confirm the link to invite ToT team, and tell me if the session will be in spanish. 

  8. Great ..let's try meeting today !!!! 

  9. Shakhnoza Kurbanalieva could you please share the link??