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Let's discuss here promotion activities for MAAN App & MAAN platform


  • To promote MAAN App in local language
  • To prepare a webinar-plan
    • Personal Introduction from MAAN user perspective
    • Installation
    • Quick Tour
    • Feedback & Questions
  • To announce a live session using various tools (GoToMeeting, slideshow, video etc.)

The meeting recording is here

For your reference

MAAN Video Tour

Powerpoint Presentation: App Intro.pptx

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  1. Dear Cecilia Raquel Ponce and Patricia Flores, we suggest you check the discussion we had today. Please try to replicate this meeting for your RSPs and please share here your ideas and suggestions to further promote the MAAN App. 

    One question to Peruvians, the NutriApp is functioning still? is there any synergy you see to have it in our MAAN? 


    1. So, I understand that we are not having a session. You consulted another time for us, and I was going to offer translation. Wouldn't that be possible for the Andes region? This webinar is in English, how will I share a webinar in English? I can't do that. Please, be so kind in arranging a day and time for Andes region. Thanks!

      Shakhnoza Kurbanalieva Luis Antonio Ravello Gutiérrez Cecilia Raquel Ponce



  2. As for the NutriApp, it would be promoted in this second phase through SUNSAIs, CDPs, MIs. It is working of course.

  3. Very unfortunately none of us at 3 locations could attend this because of poor internet access in the field areas. Will go through the meeting records. Sailesh Sharma Anamika Sharma JOGENDRA BISHT Chayanika Bisht Pankaj Chauhan - please go through the recording.