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Agriculture and Food Security Policy


The Government resolves to achieve value added growth in the agriculture sector for both domestic and export markets. An essential part of this programme is to achieve food security and to raise overall rates of economic growth for the benefit of all sections of the society. Raising the growth rate of agriculture which contributes 21.4 percent to GDP and employs 45 percent of the labour force, is a key element to achieve this goal. According to the former Planning Commission (now the Ministry of Planning and Development), the agriculture sector needs to grow at 5 percent for reducing poverty and reaching the growth targets of 7-8 percent for the national economy of Pakistan. Higher growth rates will come mainly from middle to larger farmers who have the investment and risk bearing capacity to diversify and innovate. However, pattern of agriculture growth also needs to take account of the needs of the rural poor including small farmers, nomadic and transhumant and the landless. These groups, which have often been ignored in the past, can also make a significant contribution to growth and to overall improved living conditions in rural areas. In addition, these growth enhancing and poverty reduction polices need to be accompanied by well targeted polices that ensure food and nutrition security for all.



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