SUNSAI Project 1: Increase the diversity of food cultures in Darjeeling Himalaya for nutritional security

The project will promote local food cultures, nutrition sensitive agriculture and improved market links in 14 villages in the Darjeeling Himalaya through strategies likeĀ 

The project is implemented by Prerna in Darjeeling.

Menace of Waste - Story from this SUNSAI

Visit to Darjeeling - Visit report to this SUNSAI

SUNSAI Project 2: 'Eat Green, Live Well' project in Nainital district, Western Himalayas

The intervention is focused on subsistence agriculture, homestead food production and enriching nutrient that will be achieved through:

The project is implemented by the Partner in Prosperity.

Photos from this SUNSAI

Dried Radish for future useWall writing in school on diet diversityFarmers keeping seedFarm of a lead farmer