Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation Pakistan under its project Nutrition in Mountain Agro-Ecosystems (NMA) is calling for proposals on Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture in Mountainous areas of Pakistan. The applicant institutions can be Businesses, extension service providers, NGOs etc. These proposals are to scale up Proven nutrition sensitive agriculture interventions in collaboration with local institutions.The proposed interventions need to have been successfully applied in similar contexts – i.e. found technically and economically viable and contributing to diversified diets – either within a Micro Intervention during NMA phase I or in a similar set-up.

SUNSAI aim at achieving systemic and lasting change at a larger geographic scale than Micro Interventions, e.g. at the level of municipalities, village clusters or valleys. Accordingly, they increase the production as well as the consumption of nutritious foods of a larger number of people. SUNSAI are thus expected to have a more integrated approach towards nutrition, e.g. using a multi-sector approach between agriculture, health and education, by linking production and consumption, e.g. linking farmers to rural and urban markets, and by including an awareness raising component that leads to behavioral change at consumer level. They are expected to be well embedded institutionally, i.e. they are closely linked to and receive support from local key institutions such as municipalities, farmer organizations, educational institutions, health care providers, professional associations etc.

These proposals are selected based on a competitive fund system.The proposals are evaluated by a technical committee, based on transparently announced criteria and a rating system.These proposals will be reviewed and evaluated by a technical committee comprising of 3-4 members, two will be project team members and 2 will be local experts.

Upon successful application, SUNSAI receive coaching and co-funding from the NMA project, and are closely monitored. Contributions from the project include: