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A High-level leaders’ and decision makers’ Consultative workshop on “Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Implementation” organized by the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) (Food and Nutrition coordination office), in collaboration with the Institute for Sustainable Development, (ISD), GIZ, Save the Children was conducted on 6 and 7 March 2021at Haile Adama Resort, Adama.

Ato Wondale Habtamu, State Minister of MoA, gave an opening speech at the workshop. Presentations on Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture were presented at the forum, and the presentations were extensively discussed.

State Ministers, Advisors of MoA Minister, Head of Minister office, Scholars, experts, and relevant stakeholders from various sectors and universities have participated in the workshop.

In the workshop, ISD presented the experiences and achievements of the SUNSAI projects and the CDPs together with the approach ISD used in NMA.

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  1. The National Advocacy Workshop on Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture is encouraging as displayed in the photographs and heared from workshop participants. Keep working proactively. Synergy is very important to facilitate development in agriculture and to entertain its benefits. The synergy between MoA and relevant stake holders must always focus to view things in health lens.

    Synergy is energy

    Sr. Zenebech Koricho(RSP)

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