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  • एक अबिस्मरणिय क्षण ।
    Shaknoza .jpg dipbahadurgharti8
  • Chetana Shahi
    Meet Chetana Shahi, an organic advocate and educator from Nepal #IGrowYourFood - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CH6-qWpp188&list=PLXmIv0Q_dPnbanOimaZtk7KsmFeieXz_A chetanamugu ishwor 
  • Organic without boundaries
    How Empowering Women Farmers in Nepal is Improving Livelihoods (organicwithoutboundaries.bio) https://www.organicwithoutboundaries.bio/2021/03/04/how-empowering-women-farmers-in-nepal-is-improving-livelihoods/
  • Evolution of walnut expeller in Nepal
    prabin.poudel ghanashyam chetanamugu roshan 
  • World Food Day Celebration Report-2021
    chetanamugu brightgshyam24 roshan dailekhsaewcc cb.khadka2009@gmail.com bir.hamal prabin.poudel ghanashyam dipak.gharti kewalbogati radhamalla69 rsuwal 
    a.espinoza@ifoam.bio ghanashyam chetanamugu roshan bthapaprakash dailekhsaewcc cb.khadka2009@gmail.com sudha.khadka prabin.poudel shrestha.prabha sbarsha432 bhkeshav7 sudha.khadka dipak.gharti dipesh
  • Dhama's way of Farming
    dailekhsaewcc cb.khadka2009@gmail.com ghanashyam radhamalla69 roshan a.espinoza@ifoam.bio 

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