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After Capacity Development Program (CDP) Face to Face 1 (F2F1) all the Rural Service Providers (RSPs) had a meeting a joint meeting on 13 May 2016 in Haripur. F2F1 was completed in the first week of April but all RSPs could not get approved and signed Micro Interventions (MIs). As soon as all the 25 RSPs finalized their MIs and got approval, the first ever meeting was held.

The agenda of the meeting was to discuss baselines and MIs.

Make clusters for the baseline geographically.

To orient RSPs about Financial Procedures and requirements.

To finalize the Baseline and MIs kick off dates.

  1. The meeting started with the recitation of Holy Quran by Mr. Asif Ali Jah. As Finance officer IC was visiting RSPs for the first time soa quick round of introduction was made.
  2. Then Financial procedures and requirements were shared by Mr Attique Finance Officer of IC. RSPs asked several questions. He also shared a very simple format of financial reporting with them and on the spot filled it up with an example. Finance person would share some of the important formats such as transportation and reporting format.
  3. After the hectic session of finance, Program agenda was discussed. In program baseline was the top priority and clustering was done on the basis of geographical locations. In the clustering gender sensitivity was taken care of. In this process most of the villages were changed.
  4. RSPs were told to initiate their baseline now. And share their dates for monitoring purposes. Deadline for submission of data was kept as 27 May 2016 so IC would collect all the information on 30 May.
  5. RSPs were urged to be visible on MAAN and mobilize other people to become members of this page too. Some other things regarding MAAN promotion were also discussed such as making of MAAN face book page, making whatspp group of existing members etc. 
  6. Anum Syed took the responsibility of designing facebook page.
  7. First Webinar was also discussed so RSPs suggested 21 May 2016 as the first date. They were asked to think about expected webinar topics, dates and frequency.
  8. RSPs were advised to share the exact dates of their MIs.



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