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Seminar Report

Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture

Held at

University of Haripur on 16/11/2017

Organized by Amjad, Ammad amin and Ahmed Ali

Participated by: Shazia Hina 

Supported by: Helvetas Swiss Interco-operation.


One day seminar was arranged by three above mentioned three course RSPs.

Motivation was to create awareness among the students regarding the topic, which is most relevant to the current situation in existing agricultural system in Pakistan. The Faculty of agriculture at university of Haripur fully supported the event because of its relevance to the students of agriculture department. An open invitation to student across the board was launched by the chairman, Faculty of agriculture. A huge participation by students was evident of the fact that student too are really serious to attend the seminar. Few of the faculty members also graced the event. A welcome note from the chairman was an official opening of the seminar.

Miss Shazia Hina used the opportunity and comprehensively introduced the whole NMA project to the students and faculty. She highlighted objectives, methodology and achievements of the project in Beer valley at Haripur. She also introduced the students and staff with MAAN page and its online resources. She stressed on the audience to use the page themselves and also introduce it with other colleagues and fellows to take full advantage of it.


Mr.  Amjad Course RSP in his presentation shared with audience his experience of working with Helvatas Swiss Interco-operation in NMA project. In his presentation, he shared how the project has changed his own mind and now how he helped his community.

The audience attentiveness can be gauged by the fact that large number of questions were asked by them. The main area of question answer session was around organic agriculture and nutrition.

The event was ended by thanks from team of Helvetas Swiss Interco-operation and organizers of the event.



          Compiled by Amjad Course RSP




















  1. Nice,,, good to educate the youth about NSA

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