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Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture

University of Haripur on 16/11/2017

Organized by Amjad, Ammad amin, Ahmed Ali Khalid

 Facilitated by: Shazia Hina

Supported by: Helvetas Swiss Interco-operation.


Under the advocacy theme one day interactive seminar was arranged by some RSPs. The seminar was exclusively organized for faculty members of University of Haripur. Department of Agriculture sciences facilitated the RSPs. It was attended by 15 faculty members of University of Haripur. It was started with the recitation of Holy Quran. In the beginning Mr. Amjad welcomed the participants and shared the objectives of the seminar. The main motivation and idea for the seminar was to introduce the topic as potential research area for the researchers. Shazia Hina made a presentation on NMA in Pakistan. She explained the concept of Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture (NSA) and its importance. Amjad explained the relation of Nutrition with agriculture. Prior to this he explained different terms of Nutrition. He emphasized that nutrition is a multi sectoral issue and all the relevant sectors should also contribute to overcome the issue. Agriculture is one of the important sector.  It was more like a thought sharing event to introduce the idea of Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture (NSA) among the academicians. The session was facilitated by Prof Dr Mohammad Ayub, chairman faculty of agriculture university of Haripur. The faculty members took keen interest in the topic. They shared that already some research work is initiated on sustainable/organic agriculture which will definitely lead to Nutrition. The chairman of the department of Agriculture Sciences gave many ideas to have collaboration with Helvetas.They suggested that they could send the proposal to Helvetas in which some teachers and students would be involved on research on NSA. Secondly some students can do their internships on NSA and Helvetas could support it. Finally it was agreed that the chairman of the Agriculture sciences will have a meeting with Arjumand Nizami. A highly insightful event took place with faculty as they explored and shared at different research topics for their future assignments relevant to nutrition sensitive agriculture.

The event ended with thanks from RSP and Helvetas Swiss interco-operation at tea.










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  1. Shakhnoza Kurbanalieva, it was productive as it might motivate more researchers to embed NSA in their work


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