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This is to find out if you can type the letters Өө ңҢ and үҮ without the use of a special font. It seems I am able to enter them on a Mac using the Russian keyboard layout.

We have to see what is needed to do this on Windows... I can see the letters when I press "Alt Gr" on this virtual keyboard:


Also it would be interesting to know what keyboards you have - Russian or English (latin)?

Has anyone tried to use Kyrgyz keyboard layout like described here?


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  1. Dear IFOAM Administrator, thank you for the understanding our issue with Kyrgyz letters.

    When we just copy-pasting ready texts to the platform, f.e. success stories - we still need fonts, (f.e. Arial_kir). Our keyboard is Russian. Here I attach that font  ARIAL_K6.TTF

    We have not tried other Kyrgyz keyboards, as we thought the installing Kyrgyz fonts will resolve that issue. 

Kyrgyzstan KYR