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About the MAAN App

You can connect now to MAAN from Android and iOS. The app uses a simplified interface to give you access to the content inside the MAAN.

,With the app you can browse all content, participate in discussions and stay in touch with your network!

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Now available on Google Play and Apple App Store

Please search for "maan ifoam" to find our app easily.

You will need your username and password from MAAN to log in to the app.

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  1. Dear Alemayehu Ayalew TegegnAlok ShresthaShazia HinaPatricia FloresMahabat Karaeva,

    please share this if any of your RSP would be interested to test this app on Android smartphone. It's not a finished product yet, so people with affinity for technology would be best at this stage.

    best regards & have a good day!



    1. Ok will share it with my all RSPs and this app is used on Android sets not iphone? right? and thanks for sharing the information of differnet technique sch as how to upload videos. This was long awaited question of my RSPs. I hope now it will be clear to all.


      1. Dear Shazia Hina, as of now it's developed for Android, because it has the biggest market share. If this app is convincing, we'll let the company also prepare an iPhone / iOS version. 

  2. Thanks a lot IFOAM Administrator for the test-version of app; great work. We expect this version helps in making MAAN more popular and useful among the its users.

    We requested the appropriate RSPs to test it in their mobile and provide feedback in this page. I could also download it in my mobile. Since you already mentioned that it's not a finished product yet, we keep on posting our experience about the app.

    By the way, we can't see the information in app when we are offline, right?

    1. Thank you Alok Shrestha! Regarding your last question: It's supposed to show information when being offline, but this will be implemented as one of the last steps.

  3. Great, that would be another factor that RSPs - I think - will love to use MAAN app, IFOAM Administrator. Thanks a lot. 

  4. Hi Rizwana here from Pakistan

  5. Thanks for introducing this app for android sets but plz do some effoerts for iPhone too

    1. HI Rizwana shaheen, the app is now available for iPhones

  6. Dear Simon.
    I have downloaded the app, I have on my mobile but I can't log in.

    As show in the screenshot.

    My mobile is Android Huawei mate 9 lite. Android version 7.

    Juan Pablo

  7. Thank you Juan Pablo! I will forward to the developers. I am testing successfully with HTC One m8 and Android 6.

  8. Can you please try once again? No need to update the app.

    1. Dear Simon, 

      Now is working the app on my mobile, Thank you.

      Juan Pablo

  9. Hello Juan Pablo,

    how are you? Warm greetings from Kyrgyzstan Rural Service Providers. Glad that you as well have mobile app on your cellphone. 

    How is your work with greenhouses going? What's news?

    Sent you email after OWC meeting in Greater Noida but didn't get respond. 

    Wish you good luck with mobile version and keep in touch.

    Take care!


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