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The call for Capacity Development Program (CDP) is launched in Pakistan. The course is designed for Rural Service Providers (RSPs) to build capacities, enhance knowledge and skills on Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture.  The course will take place from 2-6 April, 2016 in Islamabad, directly after the NMA Conference (28 March - 1 April)

Please read the NMA Capacity Development Call Pakistan.pdf below very carefully. It gives you the necessary information needed in making your decision to apply and to complete the application with the required information. Once you have read the call, you can complete the application. We have also extended the deadline for applications to 18 March, in order for you to get your applications in.

Please click here to open the online application form

The course is targeted for the Rural Service Providers in Pakistan and start with face-to-face meeting to develop and start implementation of the Micro-interventions related to Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture. The course duration is 9-12 months with regular virtual meetings and 2-3 face-to-face meetings in the beginning and at the end. 

You can also download the form in PDF version here in attachment and write manually and hand over to Shazia Hina, Pakistan Trainer. 

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  1. Great and now we will how many are interested to join us in this cause.


    1. can i ask that these training wil be in haripur and it wil be paid or not

      1. no maimoonah this training is free of cost n after getting this training you will be our partner n will implement this learning in field.

        1. Hi I 

          kindly tag me the format of intervention project . i cant find on the page 

          Thanx & Regards 

          Anum Syed

    2. hi i want to participate please suggest


    1. dear Mam,



      Where can i get the form please.



    2. Dear Madam

      Anum syed here i want to know about form . my colleague is intersted in this training and want to be a part of this Capacity Building training as well .

      where and when it will be held please inform me about this.

       Best Regards

      Anum Syed

    3. dear madam as you send me form but till now i am unable to fine that particular for which you said. if it is possible to resend me that form for registration.thanks
      Babar Mehmood

      1. registration form i have sended. you didnt got it. can you please download it and send it to me i wil fill it again.

        1. thanx ma'am i will download it and send you letter. 

  2. Dear Haseeb Jan, thank you for your note, you can click the link above or download the application form (i have attached it now). May be Shazia Hina can also give the application form to you if you are close to her office? I am sure you will all find a way.... Good luck 

  3. According to a Facebook post today i have to know that 70 % children from all over the Pakistan are suffering from malnutrition and inappropriate environment, due to all of this they cannot reached the natural height and body structure

    Do you Know?

    In Pakistan 90% children are deprived from facilities of quality education, Health and Games.

    So it is the time for youngster to take initiative and play their role to highlight the importance of health and hygiene among all community members, promote the concept of balance diet through kitchen gardening, poultry and live stock and self-help Group among male and females. 


    1. Dear Rizwana shaheen, how are you? How micro-interventions are progressing? What ideas are planned? If you like to share here to discuss please let us know here, more people can help to make better ideas. 

  4. hi i want to share some information as i understand that we are not taking balance diet because at the time all the market products are not pure in nutrition need. so most of the people are weak and

  5. have not taking fresh vegetables and fruits


  6. Lack of nutrition cause the malnutrition and effects the performance of a individual.   we need awareness and avoid the fertilizers which reduced the necessary elements from the diet. we can start the kitchen gardening at house , even if we have not enough space we can farm it in extra pots etc

  7. yes we to avoid GMO foods


  8. Yes we Have to avoid GMO foods

  9. Dear All

    This is to let you know that the call is on till 12 March 2016. Those who are interested and have not yet applied please hurry up and send us your applications.

    One thing you keep in mind that you all have to design your micro intervention means you project. This would be in Beer Valley Haripur.So think about it. Those who have already applied are also requested to think about your micro interventions and let me know what innovation they can bring in the field of nutrition or agriculture.

    Waiting for your quick responses. Thanks

    1. we have to share with u through mail?

      1. Dear Shazia,

         Thanks I got the procedure on the top of this page


        MK Abbasi




    2. Dear Shazia,

      I have just come to know about this Programme. Can you please guide what will be the trainings dates? Will it be based in Haripur? I am from Karachi and would like to know more logistical details about it. 




      1. Dear Fatima Almas

        Thanks for showing your interest in the program. This is a project called Nutrition in Mountain Agro-Eco Systems (NMA). The project aims to address the issues of malnutrition through sustainable agriculture in Mountain Areas of five countries. Pakistan is one of them. In Pakistan we are targeting Haripur. This page is an intranet. Where you may join if you want to know something about nutrition or agriculture. The Pakistani members of this page have an opportunity of capacity building program starting in the first week of April in Islamabad. For this reason they are applying for this training. All the cost of the training will be borne by the project. The participants have to give their time but the condition is this that they have to be with us during project time and they have to do some field work in Haripur which is called their micro interventions MIs.So they have to design their MIs and submit their applications.So this is the process.

  10. Salam to all

    I am newly join this page due to its unique nature. it is 100 % true that most of the educated person did not care about balance diet


    1. Dear Sidra Gul, welcome! Could you please double check the email address in your profile? I receive many error messages from the system, that this address doesn't exist.

  11. @Syed Amir Shah yes you may share it through email

  12. the  women  and children  in rural areas suffering a lots of diseases   especially malnutrition $anemia    the balance diet also control  all health related issues

  13. Dear All, please note that I added some more crucial information to this call for the CDP.  I noted that some of you needed more information in order to make your decision to apply for the program.  I added a Call Document (see below under Attachments) and I also added some important deadlines and dates for your applications.  I trust that this will help clarify the issues raised in the comments above.  Hope to meet all the successful candidates during the training in Islamabad in April! Regards from Konrad Hauptfleisch, Lead Trainer of the NMA CDP

    Aamir riazAbid AliAhmed Ali KhalidAbdul mueedUnknown User (engr.ammadamim)Ammad aminAniqa Khurshidanum syedANWAR ALIArsalan AhmedAsadullahAsif Ali JahAyub Khanazhar IbrarAzhar Iqbalazizfatimababar mehmood bakhshish elahiBakhtawar waliBeenishbibiEjaz MalikEjaz Ahmad KhanFatima BibiIrum FatimafatimamushediHaseeb JanImran IqbalIrum FatimaJaved KhanKamran KhanKiran bibikiran irshad Liquat KhanMahmood ElahiMuhammad ArifMuhammad Fayaz Khanmuhammad hassanMuhammad TariqMuhammad ZohaibMuneeb Tahir Abbasi NadeemAmjadNaeem IrshadNaeem khannaseer khannasir aliNighat BibiNisar AhmedProfessor Dr. Abid FaridRaja ZahidRashid KhanRiazKhansajidhabibSajjad Ahmed AwanSamin batoolSanaullah khanShaggy ShahSHAH SHUJAShahid NadeemShamsuddin KhanSohail KhanSyed Aamir ShahSyed Altaf Hussain WarsiTariq MehmoodTayyiba gulUsman AyubWajiha javedWaqas AhmadWaseem akhtarwasif aliZaheer Khattakzainab bibiRizwana shaheenSidra GulAgha SafdarShabir Ahmad AwanIsrar AhmadFaria SultanIrfan khanirfan khanmuhmmad Ahmed AdeelSaeeda ShahShafqat Ellahi,

  14. Dear RSPs

    If you want any clarity on any issue regarding form, micro interventions etc please contact with us. Those who already have applied for the training course are requested to please read the NMA Capacity Development Call Pakistan.pdf carefully and design your interventions accordingly and share them with us.

    in case of any ambiguity please contact with Konrad Hauptfleisch or with me


  15. Mr. Konrad Hauptfleisch and Ms. Shazia,

    Thanks for sharing the information


    MK Abbasi


  16. Thanks for the today's good session of training . The information is useful for practical development of proposals on  micro interventions  to be developed by RSP's. The session was very important for the participants from various sectors. It benefited me to developed micro intervention proposal on kitchen gardening in Beer U/C. 

    The People are poor and need awareness for sustainable agriculture with the use of organic forming for rich nutrients food production for the sustains of their lives. 

  17. Dear Shazia, Can you please guide ow to send you the mirco projec template

    1. Dear Amjad, the microproject template is needed only later when RSP training takes place. For now as per the application form you only need to give basic idea, what kind of project will it be, what will be target group, which area, how does it improve nutrution. Thats all. Once you will be selected for the course, this idea shall be more elaborate and budget shall be calculated. Does it it answer your question?

      1. Thanks Shaknoza


  18. Dear Amjad, Shakhnoza is correct that the template is not a requirement at application stage.  But as we are running very close to the deadline of the Pakistan training, and we would like to get a good idea of the micro-interventions in order to make our final decisions - and also to present some of the ideas at the conference as examples, I would appreciate more complete ideas before the time.  For that to happen, the templates are a good idea.  I also shared clarifications on te template with Shazia Hina yesterday.  Shazia can share a copy of the template with you, and it can be used to strengthen the applications.  I hope this helps?


    1. Amjad, I see that Shazia has already shared a copy of the template below in the attachment list. you can use it from there.

    2. Thanks Konrad, i have discussed it with Shazia thnks again 

  19. Nutrition

    RRFW will work with young women to guarantee healthy living so that they may grow up with confidence and maintain a positive body image, while exercising control and will power. Working in alignment with the UN MDGs and UN standards of nutritional requirements, participants will learn about necessary caloric consumption and the necessity for balanced diets. Participants will learn how to respect different eating requirements and different financial abilities that drive others’ eating abilities.  Nutritionists, dieticians, and physical therapists/trainers will educate participants on the importance of a healthy balanced lifestyle, and help them pave a promising future.

    • Balanced eating methods
    • How to be an educated consumer in creating meals for families
    • The affects of media on persuading people to eat junk food
    • The different nutrients and benefits/disadvantages to locally available foods
    1. Dear Aniqa Khurshid, which micro-intervention did you choose? Did you plan as you wrote above here? 

Pakistan PAK