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One of the significant problems faced by remote villages of the mountainous regions is their increased distance to a readily functional health care centrecenter. Added to this the reduction in balanced diets with more fast foods dominating the everyday cuisinesespecially cuisines especially amongst children nutrition has become a key concern in these areas. As such to build the immunity of the people of these regions in order to fight ward off illnesses and other health related issues, it is vital to enhance their nutritional status.

Malyal Gaon in Dwarahat Block of Uttarakhand is one such remote mountainous village. Being at a significant distance from the main city itself, health care facilities in the village are a bare minimum. This poses a huge concern for the community as in an event of chronic illness; the distance to be travelled in order to reach a hospital is quite large. It was this concern that motivated me to practise practice an agriculture that would promote balanced nutritional diet within my community in turn ensuring a high nutritional status for my fellow villagers and enrichingtheir enriching their immunity.

Farming, however, especially in the mountainous regions has always been a challenging task. Its complexity is further amplified by the scattered land holdings that most of the farmers possess. As such the farmer is faced with difficulties of losing efficiency in managing each patch of land that he/she possesses. To add to their woes the menace of wild and stray animals that leads to significant amount of crop damage thus reducing the overall produce and the nutritional status taking a hit as a consequence inspired me to invest myself in the nutritional upliftment of the community. It was keeping all this in mind that I undertook a capacity building training with Lok Chetna Manch under the NMA II program.


The cow and buffalo that I have, have helped in fulfilling the milk requirement of my family along with that of my neighbours whom I sell the remainder of it. It has worked in enriching the calcium intake of the children and the females in the community that are worst affected with nutritional deficiency which often leads to weakness amongst women and stunting in children. In an attempt to capitalize as much as I can even on the waste from my cow and buffalo, I have installed a Bio-Gas plant that uses the vapours upon the decomposition of the dung to fuel the stoves on which my family cooks food. This way my reliance on ordinary LPG cylinders has greatly reduced and I only need to buy one every 3 months or so. The dung that is once decomposed, I use it to fertilise fertilize my fields and nursery.



                            Fish pond                                                         Fish  Ajola grass for fishes in the pond


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