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Develop and introduce MAAN: Know-how and networking

Establish Mountain Agroeco-systems Action network MAAN for knowledge and experience sharing at project target area

MAAN network for knowledge and experience sharing is created, however some technical challenges such as internet access and availability of equipment prevents the project to register RSPs in MAAN. Additionally, project workers are learning from Kirgiz colleagues how to register in MAAN correctly. As soon as challenges will be managed and learning process successfully finished, RSPs will be officially registered in MAAN and the project will inform about possibilities of the network, how to use it correctly, how to share experience, etc.

Select 30 RSPs and establish MAAN community around RSPs with 625 participants

On July 5, 2019 advertisement was announced at untj.orgto select RSPswith the purpose of delivering nutrition sensitive agriculture knowledge and practices to the project target groups. 37 applications were received (Rasht – 9, Nurobod – 6, Tojikobod– 9, Lakhsh–13. As a result of transparent selection process, 30 RSPs (25 main RSPs and 5 on reserve) were selected who will distribute knowledge among 747)households in the project target districts. RSPs represent different nutrition sectors, e.g. beekeeping, production of milk and milk products, animal breeding, plant growing, greenhouses, fruit and vegetable production, bread andgrain products, etc. 

Introduce web/mobile network among RSPs and community

RSPs are formed and informed about web/mobile network. Through trainings and awareness raising, RSPs and communities will be trained about their use. However, this activity requires additional investment on internetaccess and tools/ equipmentto enable quality information sharing and experience exchange. Hence, investment on tools and internet is planned next year.


Capacity building of local actors

Conduct at least 6 webinars for the RSPs

Twowebinarswereconductedfor the RSPs on 8-12 June 2019 and 16-20 July 2019 about how to create network and what RSPs should do as part of their contribution.

Conduct at least 3 face to face meetings for introduction and promotion NMA through MAAN

The first face to face meeting for introduction and promotion of NMA through MAAN was conducted on July  for selected RSPs where introductory project information was provided. In September conduction of 2 more facetofacemeetingsareplanned.

Develop curriculum for Capacity Development Program

Curriculum for Capacity Development Program is developed and further capacity building of RSPs will be based on it. It contains 15 topics including plant growing, animal growing and nutrition.


Awareness raising and policy

Publish 500 publication on benefits of nutritious diets and distribute among the target population

Currently NCC “SAROB” is developing around 100 publications on topics such as Agro-technology of growing vegetable crops, potatoes, cereal crops, etc., hygiene of milk and milk products, growing of animals and chickens, aviculture and beekeeping.

Select potential RSPs and develop small projects for the implementation of MI

In September among best and active RSPs development of small micro-projects are planned.

Result of the project presented on National or International forums, platforms

Current project was presented by the project staff at the Central Asian and the Caucasus Forum for Rural Advisory Services (CAC-FRAS) in Turkey on 22-26 July 2019, financed by Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services (GFRAS). Forum participants from different countries, including the President of GFRAS were interested to learn about developments of NMA and NSA in Tajikistan. The current project covered per-diem of one project staff. Other costs were covered by GFRAS. Until end of 2019 SAROB plans to contribute to the establishment of TAJFRAS Forum in Tajikistan, where current project can also benefit in terms of network, awareness raising and information exchange. 


Tajikistan TJK