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Last but not least, some trainers also pledge to add value to NMA project as well. Dr. Ishtiaq Deputy Director Agriculture Department District Kharmang (Baltistan region) has pledged to translate the whole curriculum of NMA project into Urdu language, this step would benefit the local RSPs as it will be easy to understand and the objectives will be communicated properly. Similarly, Dr. Mir Nasir from KIU University Gilgit Baltistan has pledged to add the NMA project curriculum in the mainstream syllabus of their educational institute. This will be a break through as the new graduates of the institute will be educated about the capacity development program in their course and they will be prepared for the challenges that might occur in future. This will also allow students to research on the CDP which will open new doors of development and it can also introduce new techniques and methods for the execution of the NMA project.

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