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What happened this month? (brief synthesis of activities)

Update of October and November.  Very intense work at the level of building alliance for Nutrition Campaign. Attendance at the IV Social Inclusion Week organized by MIDIS (Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion, SUN gov rep) to strengthen contacts for national compaigns, October 21. Preparation Workshop for the Regional Meeting of the VI Forum of the Parlamentarian Front against hunger in Latin America and the Caribbean, October 26, facilitated by FAO at the UN facilities in Lima, Peru.  Invited by congressman Jaime Delgado, chair of the Peruvian Parlamentarian Group.  PF brought the voice of NAM together with other allies and friends of the agroecological movement in Peru.  

Attendance of the VI Forum of the Parlamentarian Front against Hunger in LA&C, November 15 to 17, Patricia Flores was chosen to read on behalf of civil society our Declaration. Three of our points were taken by the Parlamentarian Front for their own Declaration and IFOAM /NAM signed up the document. More information, in the following link :


At the level of RSPs, LR continue working on summing more RSPs to the platform, developing decentralized workshops and spreading general information.  Together with country coordinator, PF, supported the National Meeting of PGS stakeholders, including RSPs involved in NAM.  A main conference was delivered and a roundtable facilitated by PF.  A meeting with a reduced number of RSPs were organized to give more information about the project.  November 23 to 26, we had the visit of Thomas Bernet, FiBL. Meetings with LR & PF, organizing workplan for Yr 2016, establishing links with allies known by TB (University USIL, Intl. Potato Center) and others related to PF (Salgalu nutrition communication specialists, Edita Vilcapoma of the Parlamentarian Front Against Hunger, Roberto Ugas -chair NAM at highest level, workshop with stakeholders: Helvetas Peru, RAE Peru).  


What activities are not on track according to the plan? (Any issues you would like to raise and get feedback)

Start interaction with the new allies introduced by TB (USIL and IPC) and strengthen the already known with local stakeholders. Concept papers prepared by TB to be shared and follow up by country coordination.

LR to start discussion forum on Quinoa and a Blog with NAM general information for newcomers of the platform.

LR to modify some profiles to insert them correctly in the Peruvian RSP group.

Share workplan with Shaknoza, document developed by TB, LR and PF.

Preparation of the call for CDP (or CBP?).

Accounting of the last quarter and Quarterly report.


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