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Let's have your views on the importance of organic agriculture and how you are promoting organic practices in your communities.
What do you think is missing?

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  1. Most parts of the mountainous Pakistan, we see that farmers practice agriculture on very small pieces of lands. They can't afford fancy equipment and fertilizers. I think there is a huge potential to convert our mountain agriculture into purely organic practices.

  2. Chicken gardening must me introduce to fulfill basic food needs. In mountainous area people do not have larg field. There must be use technology and modern seeds to produce more food.

    1. What do you think about organic farming? When you refer to modern seeds you mean hybrid seeds right? In that case, the farmer has to rely on the use of chemical fertilizers followed by chemical pesticides etc.

  3. The rural communities already practicing the multiple farming, i.e. cropping, small level live stock and hen rearing, I think we have to promote home based poultry farming techniques and technologies with indigenous and desi breeds to produce organic (Desee eggs & Chicks) 

  4. Yes, hybrid seed must be introduce in a large scale.

    1. Do you think our mountain farmer can afford the additional costs associated with the introduction of hybrid seeds? This will be an additional burden on them considering the subsistence nature of agriculture and the fact that most of them have no alternate source of income.

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