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On 21st Sep 2017 Helvetas Head Office Mission member Ms. Esther Haldimann and SDC Deputy Director Pak Mr. Daniel and Senior Program Office Ms. Sana Umar along with Helvetas Pakistan team visited Haripur. They met with relevant stakeholders in Deputy Commissioner Haripur office. They met with DO Social Welfare, DEO Education (F), DO Agriculture, DO Health and DC of Haripur there. After the meeting they visited two villages of Beer UC including Neelore and Tilhala and saw various interventions of Kitchen Gardening, Compost making and behavior change. They with the community members and got their feed back about the micro interventions. At the end the mission met with some of the RSPs in Haripur. The RSPs Asif Ali Jah, Amjad, Sidra Gul, Saeeda Shah, Faria Sultan, Saba rehman, Mian khan Abbasi, Wajiha javed shared their experience in NMA and  showed tehir zeal to continue this work.

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  1. dear shaknoza. on my side  I  can learn more from this visiting . 

    1. Dear hussenyimamsani  what exactly do u need for learning so that I could share with u

  2. Dear hussenyimamsani, this is Shazia Hina, Facilitator of local activities in Pakistan. Thank you Shazia Hina for sharing, sounds very interesting that RSPs are continuing sharing their experiences. 

  3. congratulation Madam Shazia Hina for this Successful visit   

  4. And i hope as you said that mission asked for Sustainability of our MIs. Still we are keep in touch with community and they have started their own  

Pakistan PAK