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Sustainable Agricultural Products are going to be exhibited in an exhibition at District Level on 17th April 2017. All MAAN members are requested to come and visit our stalls of Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture (NSA). Timings will be 10:00 a.m. to 02:00p.m. at Khala Bat Town Ship Ladies park Haripur.


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  1. Dear RSPs

    Please share your pictures here in the comments and big thanks to all RSPs who did wonderful job in organizing and making this event successful. It was  our achievement that the whole district administration and SUN focal person of our province was there. All of them appreciated this nutrition sensitive  program. Hoping to have more successes together in this journey. All the best to all of you Rizwana shaheen, Asif Ali Jah, Mahmood Elahi, Amjad, Syed Abdul Majeed Shah, Ammad amin, Saeeda Shah, Nurgis BibiFaria Sultan, Ahmed Ali Khalid, Javed Khan, Yasmin Bibi, Zeb Gull, Sidra Gul, Syed Aamir Shah, anumsyed, Iffat Kalsoom, NadeemAmjad, Muhammad Manzoor Khan, Wajiha javed, aniqa, Saba Rehman, babar mehmood  (smile)

  2. some pictures which i got from other colleagues.If you have picture please upload it here

    An exhibition of agricultural products was organized in collaboration with Pakistan Hosla Mand Khawateen Network (PHKN) in Haripur on 17th April 2017. The event was organized to show the results of NMA in Beer Valley. RSPs displayed their stalls thematically. They also displayed their IEC material which they printed during their projects. Community particularly women beneficiaries were also present at their stalls along with their respective RSPs. Community members, farmers, government officials, media and district Authorities also visited our stalls. Representative of SUN Cell Khyber Paktunkhwa Mr. Badar also visited the exhibition. He offered his support in advocacy. He also said that he took so many ideas of integration from NMA and now he would urged for this type of nutrition sensitive programming at govt level. Many district authorities such as District Mayor (Nazim) and Deputy Commissioner (DC)so visited our stalls and appreciated our efforts. Some of their comments which they wrote on the charts are as below;

    "A good initiative undertaken by local persons to boost the nutrition sensitive agriculture in the area. The role of all stakeholders who sponsored and managed is praise worthy". (Tasleem Khan, Deputy Commissioner Haripur)

    "Wow! Excellent presentation by IC/IFOAM by the local communities. The presenters belong to Beer Valley and I was amazed by their determination on organic food. I recommend for the extension of the program as it is in the public interest. The District Government will support in any way we can support."

    Adil Islam Mayor (Nazim) District Government Haripur

    Our partner organization Pakistani Hosla Mand Khwateen Network(PHKN) supported us a lot in showing our work at a larger scale.

  3. Some pictures of Organic Exhibition from Deputy Commissioners Facebook wall

  4. Thanks  Ms Shazia, we tried our best and took an initiative to highlight the importance of nutrition sensitive agriculture at district level. hopefully we achieved our target as Deputy commissioner Haripur, District Nazim, District Naib Nazim, DO social Welfare, MS Health, Representative of Agriculture Department and other notable personalities visit the organic exhibition. we thankful to representative of SUN focal person Mr Badar for his visit to Haripur and specially we are thankful to you who always encourage RSPs for highlight their efforts on different platforms.

    1. As all RSPs contributed in organizing the exhibiton but i want to highlight the tireless efforts of Rizwana shaheen, Asif Ali Jah, Syed Abdul Majeed Shah, Ammad amin, Saeeda Shah and Mahmood Elahi. Without their contribution it would not be possible for us to have such a great activity. Bravo my team (smile)

  5. We are very thankful to IC/IFOAM and especially to madam shazia hina for supporting us to organize such a great event (organic exhibition) to present our work in MAAN project.

  6. Dear Sidra Gul please upload all pictures of exhibition on this page. Please remove them from health hygiene cluster. Thanks

  7. Dear Sidra Gul please upload all pictures of exhibition on this page. Please remove them from health hygiene cluster. Thanks

  8. In the history of Haripur and Haripur Agriculture first time RSPs conduct the Organic Exhibition with the close coordination of IC. District administration and Govt. officials visited the event. they were happy and excited to see the interventions and appreciated the efforts of RSP under MAAN project. it was a new concept and idea for them to view the nutrition sensitive agriculture with different themes. District Nazim Mr. Adil Islam commented that these intervention should be carry on in the interest of community.  Deputy Commissioner Mr. Tasleem Khan discuss all the intervention on the stall and asked different questions about the relevant interventions from the RSPs and beneficiaries and appreciated to all for their efforts and presentation.

  9. Dear Team members (RSPs)we have created this page to upload your exhibition pictures please use the space and upload any relevant, important and good quality picture here. If you see any relevant picture already there on the page please don't upload your similar picture. Don't use other sub pages to upload "Exhibition Pictures". Thanks for your cooperation. 

    Anyone who wants to share his/her thoughts about the event please use only this page. You all know how to write it in Urdu so you may write it in urdu too (smile)

  10. Participation of females RSPs in Exhibition

  11. very exceptional idea for organizing such a great event of organic Exhibition to divert attention of the people towards organic agriculture. i think this was the best platform where all RSPs showed their enthusiasm to promote nutrition sensitive agriculture not only in beer valley but also in district haripur and as well all over the Pakistan.Miss Shazia also gave some innovative ideas to RSPs which built our capacity to do more hard work.this is the team work of all RSPs which made it successful.

  12. NNA RSPs organic visibility



  13. This was a wonderful experience for us. I suggested to conduct these type of exhibitions in the field area and invite District administration to the field to observe the actual situations of the area. They will realize the efforts and issues faced by RSPs in field during the Project implementation.They will know the actual situation of the community as well. Organic Exhibition was a unique idea which highlighted the work of the RSPs at district level.

  14. some clicks from Organic exhibition

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