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A two-day monitoring visit to UC (Union Council) Beer was conducted on 4 & 5 Aug 2016. Women RSPs planned to celebrate Breast Feeding week. The 2016 world breastfeeding week celebrations theme is “Breastfeeding: A key to sustainable Development which illustrate that how breastfeeding is a key element in getting us to think about how to value our wellbeing from the start of life, how to respect each other and care for the world we share. The aim of the celebration was to aware women and particularly young mothers about the importance of breast feeding which directly contributes to infants' nutrition. Some of the activities were visited by RSP facilitator. Among them were Ms. Saeeda Shah's session in Changiala, Ms. Sidra Gul's session in Neelour and Ms. Rizwana Shaheen's session in Bhutt. Some other sites and sessions on sustainable agriculture were also attended. These sessions were conducted by male RSPs.

Session in Changiala UC Beer:

The session was conducted by RSP Ms. Saeeeda Shah for community women. Changiala is a remote village of the area. Ms. Saeeda Shah conducted her session on breast feeding awareness in the house of a councilor (an elected representative of the area). There were almost 40 women who attended the session. They were sensitized about the importance of mother's health,infants' health, hygiene and particularly breastfeeding. It was an informative session describing its importance with the narration of Quran. Miss Saeeda Shah gave the over view on exclusive breast feeding, by sharing the advantage of first feeding after birth( within one hour) ,she said that breast feeding plays an important role to reduce the child mortality ,and morbidity ,first feeding is necessary and essential  for every child because its play the an important  role to protect the child for different diseases, further she discuss as bellow.

  • Protection of mother milk
  • Help to expel placenta
  • Prevent to PPH
  • It is natural method for family planning ( FP)
  • It help to protect  the mother from breast censer and diabetics
  • Protect the child  from different diseases
  •  breast feeding and child health
  • Balance diet during pregnancy,
  • Balance diet for lactating mother
  • Accurate Method/position of child during  the breast feeding
  • At the end of the session women shared the experiences regarding the topic and asked many questions.


Session on Breast feeding by RSP Ms. Sidra Gul:


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