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The workshop started with recitation from Holy Quran

Ms Rizwana shaheen RSP facilitated the workshop proceedings. Mr Asif Ali Jah RSP formally welcomed the participants in the workshop.

Ms. Shazia Hina, Program Officer gave presentation on the Project. She presented data on nutritional status of the overall population in Pakistan and Particularly in Haripur District. She comprehensively introduced to project goals, objectives and methodology to the workshop participants. She also highlighted some of the success achieved through project.

Mr Javed Khan RSP explained his Micro Intervention to the participants and adoption of strawberry farming at Beer valley as result of their intervention.

Mr Amjad RSP explained to the participants the focus of the sustainable agriculture and its importance and relevance for future generations.

Ms anum syed RSP explained her Micro Intervention regarding honey bee keeping, her efforts and results to bring honey bee keeping as profession for the local population.

Mr Mian khan Abbasi RSP stressed on the need of organic farming and revival of kitchen gardening. He also discussed different initiative undertaken during his micro intervention for promoting and strengthening organic farming value chain.

Ms Rizwana shaheen RSP explained her micro intervention on behavior change and different aspects of her achievement gained during the project. 

Mr Mehmood Elahi RSP explained his micro intervention and results there-of on compost making and its acceptance by the local population.

Mr Shah Alam, District officer soil conservation shared with the participants his department mandate and current activities in this affect. He lauded the efforts of RSPs and assured his full support to RSPs for their interventions in future.

District Officer On Farm Water Management pointed out different risks and dangers to the agriculture sector and local population in current situation.

Mr Ijaz Malik, Subject Matter Specialist Horticulture praised the efforts and results of RSPs interventions and pledged his full support to RSPs for their future activities.

Mr Naveed Iqbal, Distirct Director Agriculture Extension Haripur seconded the need for organic farming and his experience in organic farming. He raised the point of expanding the scale of project at the district level as the project has significant relevance to the needs of future generations.

Mr Dr. Fazal Mehmood, District Officer Social Welfare and Community Development department gave suggestion of conducting sensitization workshop for the different departments to help ensure sustainable activities in future.

Ms Arjumand Nizamii spoke of the generous support they always received from all the stake holders in Haripur District during their past project activities and she assured that her organization will maintain this relationship in future. She agreed to the suggestion of Mr. Fazal mahmmod for conducting a sensitization workshop in Haripur very soon. She also applauded the results presented by the RSPs under very limited financial resources and support.

Mr Amir Iqbal Assistant Commissioner Haripur thanked Helvatas Swiss Inter-Cooperation for initiating the project in District Haripur. He also pledged full support, as in past for the project by the district administration.

Mr Asif Ali Jah at the end of workshop thanked all the participants for their time and efforts. The workshop formally ended with lunch.

Report by: RSP Amjad







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  1. Good efforts by RSPs keep it up  

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